Browse Month: May 2011

ComboTIFF v1.0.3 Released

We are pleased to announce the immediate release of ComboTIFF v1.0.3 for both Mac and Windows.

This update includes an interface bug which causes the JPG Quality Slider to update the Percentage Editbox and vice versa. The Update on the Mac also include a conversion from Carbon to Cocoa build.

CM PDF Page Extractor v1.0.1 Released

We are happy to release CM PDF Page Extractor v1.0.1. This version contains an update to the Cocoa Interface, it also corrects several resizing issues.

There was an issue with the v1.0.0 on our website which appeared to be corrupted. This issue has been resolved with the availability of CM PDF Page Extractor v1.0.1. We apologized for any inconvenience caused.