CM Note Keeper v1.0.3 – Emptying Database Bug

It appears that there is an issue with the new compiler which we used for CM Note Keeper which prevents you from emptying the database.

A workaround would involved deleting the folder “com.completemagic.cmnotekeeper” located in username/Library/Application Support/ and starting the application again. Or just delete each note one at a time.

We will be releasing v1.0.4 within the next two weeks which would resolve this issue and also add RTF Import and Export feature.

We apologized for the inconvenience caused.

CM Note Keeper v1.03 (Mac OS X) Gives you Rich Text Support

We are pleased to announce the release of CM Note Keeper v1.03 for the Mac OS X platform.

With v1.02, we made the transition from the Carbon to the Cocoa platform. With that transition, we were able to implement Spellcheck, Text to Speech, Text Transformation and other Core Cocoa support in CM Note Keeper v1.03.

This update includes the ability to apply rich text formatting to both the notes and the remarks column. You can copy and paste rich text to and from any supported application.

We would be working on the ability to Save RTF files from the notes in the next update.