ComboTIFF v1.0.6 (Mac) Released

We are pleased to announce the release of ComboTIFF v1.0.6 on the Mac App Store.

This version adds the Delete File option on the File Listing via the way of a Contextual Menu.

It also did a workaround the OS X 10.7 Lion bug which prevents our apps from launching the PDF Help File from within the application bundle under the sandboxed environment. The workaround involved launching the file from our website.

CM PDF Page Extractor v1.0.5 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of CM PDF Page Extractor v1.0.5 on the Mac App Store.

The version adds a Quicklook Preview Window on the Main Window which allows you to preview the pages of your PDF files and comes with the option to Delete files from the list via the way of the Contextual Menu.

This also fixes a bug in OS X 10.7 Lion which prevents the PDF Help File from launching from within the Application Bundle. The workaround was to launch the help file from our website.

A Note on Batch It Ultra

We are in the midst of developing Batch It Ultra v4 which is a major re-write to the current Batch It Ultra v3 which was introduced in 2004. This will put it inline with the current offerings we have for Windows.

We are preserving as many features from the old version to the new version and adding new ones. However, due to several new constraints and other related changes, we are dropping several features. The prominent of which is the Thumbnail Gallery Generator. We would be looking at working on a brand new version of Web It which would be offered to you free of charge when it is ready.

This new version would include a parameter based support which would allow you to run the application as a command line application or as a Windows Scheduler based application. This support would be offered as beta version when the new release of Batch It Ultra v4 is introduced.

We plan to release Batch It Ultra sometime in December 2011 or early January 2012 and any customer who purchase this from September 1st 2011 would get this major upgrade for free.

The partial delay of this update was due to several reasons. One of which was the shifting of some of our resources in developing the Mac and Cross-Platform Applications while we waited for clear directions from Microsoft as to Windows 8. At the offset, it did appear that Windows 8 would only support HTML5 apps which would mean a major rewrite of the application but with the introduction of the Developer Preview version last week, it is clear that they would run native Windows application too on the desktop platform. As such, we would be moving on with the development of Batch It Ultra v4.

Thank you for your patience.

Help File issue with Sandboxing

It appears that with the Sandboxing requirement from Apple, it appears that the PDF Help File can no longer be launched from within the Application Bundle. There appears to be a permission issue with Preview as does not have the permission to view files from within the bundle.

For the time being, You could view or download the PDF Help File from our website at .

We have updated all our Mac Apps so that it would download the copy of the PDF Help File directly from our website. We hope to get this update to you as soon as they get approved by Apple.

We apologized for the inconvenience caused.

CM Sort List v1.0.3 (Mac) Released

We are pleased to announce the release of CM Sort List v1.0.3 on the Apple’s App Store.

This update contains two issues. One which is a minor rework which improve the performance of sorting of the list. The other issue is the compliance to the Apple’s App Store’s Sandboxing Requirement.

Apple requires all apps to be sandboxed and working in its own exclusive ecosystem by November 2011. We decided it would be best to apply it now and if there is any issues, we can address them before the dateline. As any app updates or new releases would need to be sandboxed before they can be accepted on the app store.

Sandboxing basically means that the application on its own cannot access any files outside of its own ecosystem without the user’s explicit permission to do so. This would be accomplished by doing Dragging and Dropping a list to CM Sort List or by using the Load List and Save List options. This requires some significant reworking within the source code to support this. The good news is that as a user , you would not notice any difference as to how you use the app.

The Sandboxing requirement only applies currently to OS X 10.7 Lion users and would not have any effect on Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard users.

As always if you do encounter any issues or have suggestions on how we could improve the application, feel free to email us at

As a side note, we are currently looking into releasing CM Sort List on Windows and are in the stages of testing right now.