Mac Apps Delays

We submitted our Mac Applications to the App Store for review on September 6th 2011 and they promptly went into review between September 10th and 12th 2011. However, as yet, they have not got back to us as to whether the updates have been approved or rejected. From our observations

A Note on Windows 8

Microsoft is currently working on the next major upgrade to the Windows Operating System, currently called Windows 8. This comes with a radical redesign to support not only PC but also Windows Phone and Tablets. Before last week, there were several speculations that Microsoft would be dropping Win32 apps in

Mac Apps and Lion

Over the last several months, we have been working hard in the background to cater to the changes which OS X 10.7 Lion introduced and subsequently the Sandboxing requirements of the App Store. For the Lion Compatibility, we had to change the underlying framework from Carbon to Cocoa. Some of