Browse Month: July 2012

Jbatch It v5.14 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of JBatch It v5.14 with immediate effect. This update fixes a bug which causes the images in the Preview Windows to disappear when it is manually resized after the images have been processed. 

CM Batch Photo Resizer for Windows and iRedSoft Image Resizer Updates

CM Batch Photo Resizer was originally developed for the Mac on the Mac platform but we subsequently cross-compiled it for Windows. 

Although the applications works great in what it was envisioned to do, it does seems sluggish on Windows. It was due to some controls of the cross compiler which is beyond our control. 

On the Windows end, we do have iRedSoft Image Resizer which does offer almost similar features as CM Batch Photo Resizer which is due to an overhaul. 

As such, we are in the midst of resizing the new application to support all the features of both these applications as far as possible for the Windows platform. Initially for the Windows 32 bit platform which we plan to launch some time in December 2012 and a 64 bit version within the first half of 2013.

All existing iRedSoft Image Resizer and CM Batch Photo Resizer (Windows) customers would be entitled to upgrade for a significant discount. More on that when the time draws near.

For the meantime, we have removed the order link for CM Batch Photo Resizer (Windows).