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Batch It v6 Released (64 Bit/32 Bit)

We are pleased to announce the immediate release of Batch It v6. This is a major opportunity for us to revamp our flagship application to cater for the new Windows platform, particularly Windows 8 and the 64 Bit Windows Operating System. In the past, our 32 Bit Batch It works on both the 32 Bit and 64 Bit Windows but now with Batch It 6, the support is native so you can take advantage of the faster processing and larger memory addressing which the 64 Bit platform provides.


What’s New in v6

  • Both 32 Bit and 64 Bit Support. The 64 Bit Supports Windows 8 x64, Windows 7 x64 and Windows Vista x64 which allows you to address more than the 4 gigabytes thus allowing you to process large images much faster. On a 32 Bit version, Batch It would use the hard drive to perform the image processing.
  • Windows 8 Touch Friendly Controls. We removed the Main Menu Controls and included all the controls as large button controls. The decision to redesign the interface is to make Batch It Touch Friendly especially on Windows 8 Notebook with Touch Screen Support and Windows 8 Tablets.
  • Improved Memory Management. Rewriting the application allows us to strip all the code cluster which allows us to reduce the memory usage and a huge leap in performance and speed.
  • Improved Drag and Drop. In prior versions, dragging and dropping only supports image files but with v5, you can drag and drop folders too.
  • AutoDetect Orientation via EXIF. Most modern digital cameras now comes with a digital orientation sensor to record the orientation of the images. With this new feature, Batch It will use this detail in the EXIF header to auto-set the orientation settings in Control Center.
  • Visual Crop Dimension Setting. In the past, to determine a crop dimension you would need to manually enter the Crop X, Crop Y, Width and Height Properties but beginning from v5, you could do so using the Before Preview Window and select the dimensions visually.
  • Color Space Support. This function allows you to change the Color Space of the images.
  • ICC Profile Support. Now included in v6, we support any embedded ICC Profile.
  • Single Page TIFF Reading and Saving Support. Although this is not a typical image format supported by digital cameras, we included this as it is commonly used platform in the office environment for document digitization.
  • Macro Support in Text Caption. Included in Batch It for the first time is the support for Macros in the Text Caption which allows you to tag Filename and Date Time to the Text Caption apart from a Static Text Caption.
  • Grayscale JPEG Support. Batch It v6 now supports generating 8 Bit Grayscale JPEG images.
  • Contact Sheet Printing Support. Contact Sheet are printed thumbnail galleries of photos which you can distribute or keep as reference.
  • Reworked of the Image Effects Options. In v6, we separated all the image effects so that allow you to apply more than 1 effect at a time to the images.
  • Old Photo, Negative, Sepia, Grayscale and Equalize Effects Added. We included several new effects to the arsenal to have spruce up your images.
  • Improved Sepia Effect. We included a Sepia Saturation slider which allows you to change the tone of the Sepia color.
  • Improved Drop Shadow Effect. We rewrote Drop Shadow effect which includes the gaussian effect which looks more natural.
  • Improved Text Caption Support. This allows you to tag on a Text Caption to the images with or without Drop Shadow effect. New support includes fine-tuning the Text Caption Alignment by using an X and Y axis offset.
  • Improved Watermark Support. This allows you to include a watermark to the images. This version includes an improved transparency support for PNG and GIF images with Alpha Channel, the ability to include drop-shadow effect and the ability to resize watermark on the fly.
  • XML Style Settings Profile File. We moved the Setting Profile from an INI format to the XML Style. This allows us to store more complex settings information which includes Unicode text.
  • Improved Error Checking. We included several additional error checking and error handling in the image processing routine which would skip erroneous images without crashing.

Batch It 6 now comes with 4 different installers, both the MSI and EXE installers and each offering a choice of the 64 Bit and 32 Bit version of the application. Despite the numerous changes, we are please to maintain the same retail price of US$35.95.

All existing Batch It 5 customers would be contacted via email within the next week about an upgrade offering. Any purchase between January 1st 2013 and February 28th 2013 of Batch It 5 will receive a free upgrade to this new Batch It 6.

Batch JPEG Rotator v2 Released

We are pleased to announce the immediate release of Batch JPEG Rotator 2. Batch JPEG Rotator is an application which allows you to batch rotate JPEG images without losing image quality.

Batch JPEG Rotator v1 was released in early 2008 and we have enhanced it over the years with optimization under the hood. However, we were not fully satisfied with its performance in this modern times and decided it was a good idea to revamp the entire imaging engine so that it works much faster and offer you more controls. At the same time, Batch JPEG Rotator v2 comes with a new modern interface which supports the latest Windows 8.

Here are the list of some of the major changes in Batch JPEG Rotator 2

•Batch JPEG Rotator 2 now comes in both 32 Bit and 64 Bit versions. The 64 Bit Version works with both Windows 7 64 Bit and Windows 8 64 Bit and is capable of addressing more memory thus speeding up the JPEG Rotation process.

•Apart from the traditional loading of Photos via the Thumbnail Gallery, Batch JPEG Rotator 2 now allows you to speed up the process by loading up the list of JPEG in the grid table.

•Batch JPEG Rotator 2 offers option to only load JPEG Photos which needs to be rotated. This would reduce substantially reduce the time taken to load up the list or the thumbnail gallery if all you need is to fix the orientation of the portrait photos.

•Improved Undo Option. By default, Batch JPEG Rotator 2 would now make a backup of the original JPEG prior to rotating them which could be restored if you undo the batch rotation.

•Batch JPEG Rotator 2 now comes with a choice to use the default JPEG Lossless Orientation or the Lossy Orientation which would allow you to reduce the file size further by changing the JPEG Quality.

This application comes with a 21 Days Free Evaluation Policy. Feel free to download a copy from our website. We are confident that you would find it useful.

CM Sort List NX v1.0.0 Released on the Mac App Store

We are pleased to announce the immediate release of CM Sort List NX v1.0.0. This application has been rewritten from ground up with a modern interface and an enhanced sorting engine. This new engine not only works faster and allows you to sort both Ascending and Descending, it is able to detect numbers from the list of text you have entered and sort them irregardless of whether they are padded or not. It does not matter if the numbers are at the begin or at the back of the text or even forms part of the numbers. CM Sort List NX also allows you to load multiple list of words and is able to remove any duplicates on the fly.

At the current moment, this application is available on the Mac App Store for the Mac OS X platform but we will be releasing Windows version of this application in the weeks to come. This will come as a 32 Bit and a 64 Bit builds.

For more information, check out


ComboTIFF for Windows v2.0 Released

We are pleased to announce the immediate release of ComboTIFF for Windows. This application was initially released on 2011 built on a Mac Development Tool as a Cross Platform Application. Although it worked well on the Mac environment, it did not perform as what we wanted on the Windows platform. As such, we took steps to redevelop the application as a Windows application on a Windows Development Tool. Doing so, we were able to target both the 64 Bit and the 32 Bit platform efficiently by leveraging on the strength of the underlying platform. At the same time, creating a modern Windows Style interface.

ComboTIFF for Windows is part of our continuing effort to innovate and merge our valued clients’ needs with the largest technology which the market offers.

ComboTIFF for Windows is a batch tool which allows you to extract pages from Multi-pages TIFF files into TIFF, PNG and JPEG format. At the same time, it allows you to merge multiple TIFFs, PNG and JPEG files into a single Multi-pages TIFF file. It offers the ability to resize the pages and more.

ComboTIFF for Windows comes with a free 21 Days Try-Before-You-Buy policy. We are confident that you will find this application capable in handling your needs. It comes in two separate builds, one for the 32 Bit and another for the 64 Bit Windows platform. The 64 Bit build works only on Windows 8 (64 Bit), Windows 7 (64 Bit), Windows Vista (64 Bit), Windows Server 2008 (64 Bit) and Windows Server 2012 (64 Bit). It takes advantage of the larger memory addresses of the 64 Bit platform and it is optimised to work a whole lot faster.