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We are now on the Windows Store

With the release of Windows 10 Anniversary Update which was released on August 2nd 2016, we have been looking forward to Project Centennial which allows us to list our win32 applications on the Windows Store. We have been working with Microsoft’s Centennial team for the last two months to port our applications to the Store.

As of today, we are pleased to announce 7 of our Windows applications have made it to the Windows Store. As the Windows Store does not offer us the opportunity to release both 32 and 64 bit applications, we opted for the 64 bit versions of our applications to be listed. This make sense considering that most Windows 10 users are currently running the 64 Bit version of Windows.

The 7 applications are

  1. Batch TIFF Resizer (US$45.49)
  2. ComboTIFF Pro (US$29.99)
  3. Batch It (US$29.99)
  4. Memory Pictures Creator (US$10.99)
  5. Memory Pictures Viewer (Free)
  6. Batch JPEG Date Changer (US$9.99)
  7. Batch JPEG Rotator (US$9.99)

For a limited time, we are offering the above applications at a discount.


Memory Pictures Viewer in on the Windows Store

We are pleased to announce that the Memory Pictures Viewer for Windows is now available on the Windows Store. This is available free of charge as always.

As the Windows Store only permits a single listing, we will only be listing 64 Bit versions of our applications there.

Memory Pictures Viewer can be downloaded using the following link

The Windows Store presents an exciting platform for us to reach out to the existing Windows 10 community. We hope to have more of our applications listed in the store in the foreseeable future moving forward.

Batch It Ultra v5.45 Released

Batch It Ultra v5.45 contains a critical bug fix for the Command Line module in which the “autostart” and “recursive” parameters are not being respected. If you have the Command Line or Server version, this update is for you.

Batch TIFF Resizer v3.30 Released

The Batch TIFF Resizer v3.30 release fixes two bugs which affects the Server and Command Line version. It fixes a bug which causes the application to not do anything when the “recursive” parameter is added and fixes a bug which causes the application not to process files intermittently.

If you are using the Command Line or Server version, we encourage you to update.

Batch It v6.35 Update

We are pleased to announce the release of Batch It v6.35. This is a maintenance update which includes code optimisation and also fixing an issue with the EXE version of the 64 bit installer.

Critical Updates for Batch It Ultra, Batch It Pro, Batch It, JBatch It and iRedSoft Image Resizer

In the effort to speed up the image preview process, we inevitably causes the photos to resized to 1/8th the original file sizes in the previous update. We are already corrected the issues in the latest update, so do ensure that you apply this update to fix the issue.

The latest update includes

  • Batch It Ultra v5.43
  • Batch It Pro v5.53
  • Batch It v6.34
  • JBatch It v6.32
  • iRedSoft Image Resizer v5.25

You can download the latest versions from our website at

We apologized for the inconvenience caused.

Batch TIFF Resizer v3.29 Released

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Batch TIFF Resizer v3.29. This update adds the Deflate algorithm to the TIFF Compression options.

We made slight modification to the Image Format dropbox. Lately, we have clients who are confused about the “Extract” option. Basically, there is two core sets of Image Format, one which would be to merge all the files on the list as a single TIFF or PDF file.

The second option is the “Extract” option which has two variant. The first being the “Extract One File to One (PDF/TIFF)”. This method basically will treat each file in each row as a single file. It will apply the page rearranging, extraction and deletion where applicable. However if you set the page range to the all the pages in the document, it will save that single row as a single file. This will work with format which supports multipages such as the TIFF and PDF format.

The other variant to the “Extract” option is the one to extract all the pages to single page file. In this case, if a TIFF file has 5 pages, it will save each of the file pages as single pages. So you will get 5 files each with its own page. This will work with PDF and TIFF as well as the formats such as PNG and JPEG which does not support multiple pages.

Memory Pictures v1.01 (Windows) Updated

We are pleased to announce the release of Memory Pictures v1.01. This update brings about docking and pinning supports to the panels. In v1.0, all the panels are fixed and can only be resized but in this update, you can undock and pin all the panels except the Map Viewer.

Currently, the undocking of the map viewer would cause a crash and it’s not something we want. So for now, the map viewer stays fix. However, if you pin or undock the other panels, the map viewer will expand. You can also zoom into the location if you want to be able to have a more close up view of the place.