Browse Month: April 2016

CM Batch JPEG Date Changer, CM Batch JPEG Rotator and CM TIFF Viewer released to the Mac App Store

We are pleased to announce the release of three new applications on the Mac App Store.

CM TIFF Viewer

CM TIFF Viewer 80

CM TIFF Viewer is free TIFF viewing application which allows you to view single and multipage TIFF files. It comes with a magnification slider to enlarge the view. It is helpful in viewing TIFF files which may not be supported by the built-in Preview app. As the Mac App Store does not support trial versions of our applications, we release this application as a way for potential users test if our TIFF supported applications will work with their files.

For more information or to download this FREE application, you can do so at

CM Batch JPEG Rotator

rotator 80CM Batch JPEG Rotator is modelled after our very own Batch JPEG Rotator which supports lossless JPEG rotation via EXIF meta data. By employing this method of rotation, the photo quality is not sacrifice and photos will be viewed in the correct orientation on any computer and platform. You will not need to worry about rotating each photo one at a time as it will evaluate every single photo and determine the appropriate orientation needed. It saves you time and hassle especially when sharing photographs with friends, family, colleagues or customers.

On the Mac and iOS devices, photos are automatically rotated so it might not be obvious that the actual underlying photos is stored as landscape oriented photos no matter if they are landscape or portrait. So what may seems right on the Apple devices would look very wrong on other platform. Solving this fundamental issue is what CM Batch JPEG Rotator is here to do.

For more information and to purchase this application, you can do so at

CM Batch JPEG Date Changer

datechanger 80CM Batch JPEG Date Changer is an application born out of necessity. It is a batch tool which helps you modify the Creation, Modification and EXIF date associated to the JPEG photo file.

It solves a fundamentally pain point which may happen when wrongly setting the digital camera date time and finding out that all the dates are messed up. CM Batch JPEG Data Changer can help by offering you three ways of rectifying this issue. First by letting you set a specific date and/or time (you can decide which to change). Secondly by applying Date Maths by adding or subtracting time and day from the date time on the photos. Thirdly by syncing all Creation, Modification and EXIF Date times.

There are tools out there which let you change file date and time but essentially what those do is to change all the files to a single date and time. It may work well for documents but that does not work well for digital photos when each photo would have been taking at different time. Moreover most tools does not deal with EXIF Date Time which would be essential for Cloud storage services such as Google Photos.

CM Batch JPEG Date Changer is made to fill that void and be a life saver when it is called upon.

For more information and to purchase this application, you can do so at