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Changing Photos EXIF and File Dates

Changing file dates ? Do it with ease.

Ever so often, we would need to replace the batteries in the digital cameras either during photo shoots or when we replace fresh batteries right before a photo outing. There is where we may face the issue of camera time. Unless the camera has internet connectivity and syncs the date time with time server, it is something we need to do manually. It can get complicated at times and it’s possible to get the date set wrongly, I have so many times. That’s where Batch JPEG Date Changer for Windows and CM Batch JPEG Date Changer for Mac comes to the rescue.

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Changing File Date on Windows and Mac

Setting the wrong file date can get messy. There are times particularly for photos when we have to replace batteries on our digital cameras and having the camera reset the date and time to some default time in the past. Digital cameras typically do not come with a real time clock built into it and would hold charge enough between battery changes but if you do take the batteries out to charge overnight or to have them taken out because you would not use the camera for several weeks, you will find that the file date get reseted. So each time that happens, we will have to manually set the date and time all over again. That works fine for the most parts but I am not sure about you but I’ve face many times when I set the PM to AM or especially doing the start of the year, to have set the year on the camera to the year that has just past.

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Batch JPEG Date Changer v1.0 Launched for Windows

We are pleased to announce the launch of Batch JPEG Date Changer for Windows.


Batch JPEG Date Changer was born out of a need. It came about when I was using my digital camera, inserted the batteries and had the date set wrongly. All the photos came out with the wrong dates. There are software tools out there which allows me to change the date and time but only for the creation date and time but the big issue is that they are set to a single date and time. Not only that, the date and time encoded in the EXIF data are not modified.

Batch JPEG Date Changer is different from the rest as it gives you total control over the way your dates and times are set for Creation, Modification and EXIF Date and time. There is the option to set each file individually or using the Fixed Date Changer setting to change the Dates and/or Time. If you have the time set correctly but date wrong then just change the respective date and the original time will be preserved.

There might be instances where PM becomes AM and with the Variable Date Change Settings, you can set it to Subtract or Add hours to the dates and times. This will bring all back to what they should be.

It is also possible to sync all the dates and times to the EXIF, Creation or Modification Dates and Times.

Batch JPEG Date Changer comes in both 32 Bit and 64 Bit version and a free 21 Days trial version is available for immediate download. The trial version will time out in 21 days and comes will process up to 10 jpeg photos each time.

Batch JPEG Date Changer is priced at US$12.95 and once purchased, the trial restrictions will be lifted.

For more information, please refer to the product page at