Browse Month: August 2016

Batch It v6.32 Released

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Batch It v6.32. This update contains an updated imaging engine and fixes a bug which allows all files to be imported through dragging and dropping them into the file listing.

Batch It Ultra v5.41 now supports Changing File Names of all kinds of files

Part of the integral feature of Batch It Ultra is the comprehensive filename changing support which has traditionally been used exclusively with image and photo filenames. Now in v5.41, we extended this support to all types of files. It is basically useful when you have both photos and video files in the same batch or using it to renaming a batch of documents files.

Batch It Ultra comes with a 14 Days Trial version which can be downloaded as both native 32 and 64 bit application from our website at

For more information, check out our detail page at

Batch It Pro v5.51 Supports Filename Renaming for All Files

We are pleased to announce the immediate release of Batch It Pro v5.51. This update contains a bug fix which allows all types of files to be imported using the drag and drop method.

Included in this update is a newly requested feature which is the ability to use the Filename Changer to change the filenames of all types of files and not just limited to the supported image formats.

To enable this, check the Do Filename Changer and the Enable Filename Changer option prior to importing the files into the application either via the Load Files, Load Folders or by Dragging and Dropping the files into the Control Center. This will let you drop in any types of files into the list.

However, if you want to just have the application rename only supported image formats then uncheck the Do Filename Changer option prior to importing the list and then just enable it before you start the file renaming process.

For more information, check out Batch It Pro information page. Feel free to download the 14 Days Trial version to determine if this is the application for you.

Batch It Ultra v5.40 Released

We are pleased to announce the immediate release of Batch It Ultra v5.40. This update contains a much improved and faster imaging engine. It was an accumulation of work done over the last year and would be the base for future new features which would be introduced in the coming months.

Batch It Ultra is a comprehensive Batch Image Processor which would help you convert between commonly used image formats, resize them, add captions, watermark, perform image enhancements, generate contact sheets and more.

Batch It Ultra comes in 3 variant which includes

  • GUI Edition which is commonly used in the Windows environment with you at the helm.
  • Command Line Edition which comes with support to run the application as part of the process of another application such as the Windows Scheduler, another application and so on
  • Server Edition which runs as command line and can be paired with a Web Server or Application Server as a back-end to provide imaging support

Batch It Ultra is our flagship application which offers up to 3 resizing, text caption and watermark support in one go, saving you time.

Batch It Ultra comes in both native 32 Bit and 64 Bit version and the 14 Days Trial versions can be downloaded from our website at . Apart from the nag screen and 14 days trial period, the trial versions are full featured.