Browse Month: May 2017

Critical Update for our 64 Bit Versions

We were informed by a client that after the latest Windows 10 update, our application would not launch. There was no error messages or whatsoever. After uninstalling the Windows update, the application worked again.

We isolated the issue changes made in the Windows update which interfered with some files needed by the applications. We have issue a fix for the following applications

  • Batch It v6.40
  • Batch It Pro v5.57
  • Batch It Ultra v5.49
  • Batch TIFF Resizer v3.35
  • Jbatch It v6.35
  • iRedSoft Image Resizer v5.28
  • ComboTIFF for Windows v2.21
  • ComboTIFF Pro v2.20
  • Memory Pictures Viewer v1.03
  • Memory Pictures v1.03
  • Batch JPEG Rotator v2.19
  • Batch JPEG Date Changer v1.06

If you are currently using any version prior to this, please update to the latest version.