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Critical Update for our 64 Bit Versions

We were informed by a client that after the latest Windows 10 update, our application would not launch. There was no error messages or whatsoever. After uninstalling the Windows update, the application worked again.

We isolated the issue changes made in the Windows update which interfered with some files needed by the applications. We have issue a fix for the following applications

  • Batch It v6.40
  • Batch It Pro v5.57
  • Batch It Ultra v5.49
  • Batch TIFF Resizer v3.35
  • Jbatch It v6.35
  • iRedSoft Image Resizer v5.28
  • ComboTIFF for Windows v2.21
  • ComboTIFF Pro v2.20
  • Memory Pictures Viewer v1.03
  • Memory Pictures v1.03
  • Batch JPEG Rotator v2.19
  • Batch JPEG Date Changer v1.06

If you are currently using any version prior to this, please update to the latest version.

Batch TIFF Resizer v3.34 Released

This update fixes an intermittent bug where more than one pages are selected in a multipage PDF file and the Image Format is set to “Extract to Multiple Single Page PDF Files” and the resultant file contains either a blank page after or the entire selected pages.

Batch TIFF Resizer v3.33 Released

We are pleased to announce the immediate release of Batch TIFF Resizer v3.33. This update fixes a bug which causes the command line module to only load up a single file when the wildcard is used.

Batch JPEG Rotator v2.18 Released

We are pleased to announce the immediate release of Batch JPEG Rotator v2.18.

This update includes the following changes

  • Supports Multiple Photos Selection
  • Supports Application of Orientation Flags to Selected Photos
  • Include Quick Hints for the primary controls
  • Remove the redundant Do Not Make Backup Copy option.


Batch It Ultra and JBatch It now on the Windows App Store

We are pleased to announce that Batch It Ultra and JBatch It are now available for purchase from the Windows Store. The Windows Store provides a convenient platform for Windows 10 users to purchase our applications at a discount.

Batch It Ultra Windows Store Link

The Batch It Ultra version on the App Store is a special edition which comes with command line support.

JBatch It Windows Store Link


Batch JPEG Date Changer v1.05 Released

We are pleased to announce the immediate release of Batch JPEG Date Changer v1.05.

This update includes the following

  • Support for PNG Images
  • Support for MOV and MP4 Movies
  • Now prompts if you want it to display the folder after processing

We included the MOV and MP4 movies support as they are amongst the more common videos format supported by digital cameras and if the photos from that session requires date changes, it is inevitably the movies taken would also need to reflect that change. MOV and MP4 currently do not support EXIF headers but they have their proprietary metadata.

PNG Images do not currently support EXIF headers and as such only the Creation and Modification Date can be changed.

Batch JPEG Date Changer v1.04 Released

We are pleased to announce the immediate release of Batch JPEG Date Changer v1.04.

In this update, we included the option to change date via the “Incremental Date Changer Settings”. This effectively let you set a start date and time and have all subsequent photos files’ date and time increment via a fixed interval either by seconds or minutes. You have the option set vary the interval.