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Road Map for 2016

We trust that you have a productive 2015 with our applications.

In 2015, we spend the bulk of the year tweaking our Windows based applications internally to ensure that they work flawlessly with Windows 10 and worked on other reported bugs. With the official arrival of Windows 10, we have not encountered any issues with the latest versions of our applications.

In ensuring that there is a smooth transition from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, we made the decision to discontinue hosting legacy versions of our applications as many did not work optimally or in some circumstances would fail to operate as prescribed. We launched the initiative to get everyone up to speed by offering all our existing valued customers the opportunity to upgrade to the latest versions at a heavily discounted pricing. The projective was to ensure a pleasant experience with our applications and to uphold our objectives to build applications to simplifying your work. Money was not the main projective but providing the applications for free was not possible as we are a small set up and it is costly on our part to upkeep and redeveloped the applications and that on top of the cost of licenses. Of course during that time, we emailed all of you as we are not accustomed to do so and that upset some of our customers and for that, we apologize. As promised, we have removed the entire mailing list of our customers and started a new opt-in list.

The process of supporting Windows 10 started back in 2013 and took close to two years redeveloping all our applications to ensure they supported 64 Bit compilations. Now all our Windows based application have both 32 Bit and 64 Bit native support.

During 2015, we spend the time to redevelop our iOS applications in Swift and also to support 64 bits.

In 2016, we will be doing the same thing for our Mac applications. The first phase of the upgrades have began by ensuring that all our imaging engine are up-to-date. Between now and the second quarter of 2016, we will spend the better part of the time to bringing all our existing Mac OS X applications in the 64 Bit framework.

Of course, we will not abandon our Windows based customers, if you do find any bugs or have any suggestions to improving the applications, feel free to contact us via email.

Batch TIFF & PDF Converter for the Mac on the way

We have been busy behind the scene working on a brand new Mac App which builds on the various TIFF and PDF Apps that we currently have available in the Mac AppStore. This new app should be available next month and would model around Batch TIFF Resizer which will bring you support for working multi-page TIFF, PDF, PNG and JPEG Files format.

The application will provide you with an all-inclusive application to merge, extract, rearrange pages with TIFF and PDF files. It also comes with other nifty support to add text captions to the TIFF, PDF, PNG and JPEG files. It also features function to resize pages and other features which makes Batch TIFF Resizer where it is today.

Here are some of the basic screenshots

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 4.24.09 pm

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 4.24.22 pm

We will provide more updates when the app gets ready for release. We do hope to have everything ready within the next couple of weeks.

Batch TIFF Resizer 3 Progress Report

We have been working on Batch TIFF Resizer 3 over the last year and we are at the final stages of testing and if all things goes as plan, it will be launched somewhere in the second half of March 2014.

This update is a total rewrite of the application with a new TIFF / PDF engine to support the following new features

  • Native 64 Bit Support in addition to the Native 32 Bit Support
  • PDF Import and Export
  • Ability to determine which pages of the TIFF or PDF documents to be exported and the order of the export
  • Import and Export of CSV List of Files
  • Support Large TIFF files
  • Support for 128 Bit RC4, 128 Bit AES and 256 Bit AES PDF Encryption
  • Support for Export of Grayscale JPEG Files
  • Improved Numeric Sort – Now non-zero padded numbers in file names are treated as numbers
  • Support for Text Caption Macros including Filename, Page Numbers and Date
  • Include Support for fine-tuning the positioning of the text caption
  • and more

All customers who have purchased Batch TIFF Resizer 2 between December 1st 2013 to March 31st 2014 will receive a free upgrade license to Batch TIFF Resizer 3. Any customer who purchase before December 1st 2013 will be offered a deep discounted pricing to upgrade. You will get access to both the 32 Bit and 64 Bit version of Batch TIFF Resizer 3.

More information to follow.

Welcome 2013 – Development Roadmap

2012 was a challenging year for us. We saw Windows 8, Windows RT and Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion being released, this pose  a challenge for us as we look towards supporting these new Operating System. At the same time, we saw the emergence and relevance of the mobile platform particularly in the area of Tablet development and usage.

With the release of Windows 8, we embarked on redesigning our applications to support the new touch controls and the 64 Bit Platform. This saw us revamping iRedSoft Image Resizer, JBatch It and Batch JPEG Rotator in the last quarter of 2012 to incorporate these and other enhancements. We will not be stopping there, we will be working on upgrading Batch TIFF Resizer Lite, Batch TIFF Resizer, Batch It, Batch It Pro and Batch It Ultra through to early 2014.

We will explore the Windows RT Operating System for Windows Tablets in the future but at the moment, we feel that the market and Windows RT platform is still in its infancy and applying resources to develop application specifically for it would be an unproductive and expensive exercise. However, we will be exploring and developing for the iOS platform for the iPad. This will mostly be productivity applications.

Happy 2013!

iRedSoft Batch Photo Resizer Development Updates

As we mentioned back in July 2012, we are working on a new application which would merge the features of both iRedSoft Image Resizer and CM Batch Photo Resizer for the Windows and that project is moving quite well along. 

We are still targeting a release date in December 2012 for both the 32 Bit and 64 Bit versions concurrently. This involved a total rewrite of the entire application from bottom up which resulted in a faster and snappier interface which embraced the best of the Windows 8 interface. The 64 bit version would now allow you to process much larger photos because it is able to address more of your memory. 

We will provide a further update as we enter into the intensive beta testing stage prior to release. 

Once this project is concluded, we will begin work on redesigning all our existing Windows app from bottom up to embrace the new framework. We should fully support the 64 bit Windows platform by the fourth quarter of 2013. 

At present, we will support both the 32 bit and 64 bit of Windows from XP to the latest Windows 8. However, we currently do not have any plans to support the Windows RT platform as it does not have the capability to handle the complexity of batch image processing.

CM Batch Photo Resizer for Windows and iRedSoft Image Resizer Updates

CM Batch Photo Resizer was originally developed for the Mac on the Mac platform but we subsequently cross-compiled it for Windows. 

Although the applications works great in what it was envisioned to do, it does seems sluggish on Windows. It was due to some controls of the cross compiler which is beyond our control. 

On the Windows end, we do have iRedSoft Image Resizer which does offer almost similar features as CM Batch Photo Resizer which is due to an overhaul. 

As such, we are in the midst of resizing the new application to support all the features of both these applications as far as possible for the Windows platform. Initially for the Windows 32 bit platform which we plan to launch some time in December 2012 and a 64 bit version within the first half of 2013.

All existing iRedSoft Image Resizer and CM Batch Photo Resizer (Windows) customers would be entitled to upgrade for a significant discount. More on that when the time draws near.

For the meantime, we have removed the order link for CM Batch Photo Resizer (Windows). 

Roadmap for Our Windows Apps (2012-2014)

Last year we began developing applications for the Mac while still activating developing for the Windows platform. With the release of Batch It Ultra v4.0 in March 2012, we concluded the major rewrite of all our core Windows applications which began in 2008. All our applications have been tested on the latest Windows operating including the Preview version of Windows 8.

During the development of our Mac applications, we took steps to compile the applications for the Windows platform. This brought about the release of our CM series of applications which includes CM Batch Photo Processor, CM ComboTIFF, CM PDF Page Extractor, CM PDF Merge, CM Note Keeper and CM TIFF 2 PDF. Although the applications work great on the Mac environment, we are not terribly excited about their performance as these applications were develop on the Mac platform.

As such, we will be embarking on the next major phase of our development. We are working towards developing for the 64bit platform. We feel that the time is ripe for 64bit applications with many of our clients using Windows 7 and probably the new Windows 8 Operating System. We will continue to support the 32bit Windows Operating System as far as possible. The 64bit platform would allows us to address larger memory sizes which would be useful for larger image dimensions. 

The 64bit Windows Operating System such as Windows 7 and Windows 8 would continue to support 32bit applications. Currently, all our applications are 32bit applications. 

To begin this new phase, we will begin working on a brand new version of CM ComboTIFF, CM PDF Page Extractor, CM PDF Merge and CM TIFF 2 PDF for Windows. We will began development on the Windows platform to ensure optimum performance for these applications. We should expect the first roll our before the year end. 

We will be looking to begin developing 64bit version of our Imaging Applications in 2013. This will represent the next phase of rebuilding those applications from ground up and expect the release at the middle of 2014.