A New Direction

The year 2011 is an exciting year for us. If you visited us in the past, you would see a number of changes made to our website. We tried to maintain the page name conversion so if you are linking to us, you would not need to change the links. This new design allow us to make changes to our website faster and without the risk of making too much mistakes.

Our Command Line tools (AutoBatch It and Batch Image Commander) have been discontinued as the command line platform is too restrictive for our development and it does not do our software justice. Moreover, sales for our command line tools have dropped tremendously and those made them too expensive to maintain. If you purchased these applications in the past, you can still download the latest version from our website.

We have implement limited command line features to our Batch TIFF Resizer and would do the same for our upcoming Batch It Ultra later this year.

A new change you might have noticed would be the inclusion of Mac OS X applications. Five of them for the start and more to follow. These applications are designed on the Mac OS X platform for the Mac user and as far as possible, the applications have their counterpart in the Windows platform. The 21 days trial version of the Mac OS X applications are available on our website and you could purchase from our website or from the Mac App Store. Currently two application, CM Batch Photo Resizer and ComboTIFF are available on the Mac App Store and the rest should follow in the next couple of months.