Batch It Pro v5.16 Released

We are pleased to announce the immediate release of Batch It Pro v5.16.

This version fixes the following issues

  • Fixed Bug when Image Format is set to As Is and the imported image format is not supported, it should save as PNG but it does not.
  • Fixed Rounded Corner Effects not being applied if the Image Format is not PNG
  • Fixed a crash when there is no EXIF Header Date when the Text Caption contains a Date Macro. If no EXIF Date is found, the File Date would be used
  • Fixed Text Caption alignment if Text Caption is aligned to the Vertical Left or Vertical Right Text Alignment
  • Fixed Bug which prevents the After Preview Full Screen Preview
  • Fixed Bug which causes the Crop Dimensions to be smaller than it is from the Before Preview Window
  • Now when double-clicking to preview the images, the New Filename would also be reflected.