Batch It Ultra v4 Launched

We are pleased to announce the immediate release of Batch It Ultra v4.00 . This is a major upgrade to our flagship Batch It Ultra v3.

Changes from Batch It Ultra v3
• Updated Imaging Engine which could handle larger image dimensions
• Supports up to 3 resize within one process
• Redesigned Interface which spots a modern interface
• Utilized a memory based database for better sorting function
• Command Line Parameter Support (for Command Line and Server Version Only)
• Added Drag and Drop Images from Windows Explorer
• Support Lossless Windows HD Photo Format
• Support Image Printing
• Support Rotation by EXIF Orientation
• Improved Drop Shadow Effect
• Added Old Photo Effect
• Added Sepia Effect
• Added Red Eye Removal Effect
• Added Auto Equalize Effect
• Added Trim Spacing from Text Option
• Added Smart Replace in Filename Changer
• Added Support for Integrating Macros in Text Caption
• Added Resizing by Frame to ensure that all images have the same dimension
• Additional Settings Options for 2nd and 3rd Resizing Processes
• Supports Retention of Color Management System ICC Profile
• Added Backup Original File to ZIP
• Dropped support for Windows 98 and 2000

There are 3 Versions of Batch It Ultra v4 being launched.

  • GUI Version (UP $69.95) – Standalone GUI Based Application
  • Command Line Version (UP $99.95) – Comes with GUI and Command Line Parameters Support
  • Server Version (UP $199.95) – Comes with GUI and Command Line Parameters Support for use with an automated server or web server support

All Existing Customers of Batch It Ultra 3 would be entitled to a special upgrade pricing. As promised, all Batch It Ultra 3 customers who purchased Batch It Ultra 3 between September 1st 2011 and March 22nd 2012 would be entitled to a free upgrade. We would be sending an email announcement before the end of March 2012.