Batch It Ultra v5.02 Released

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Batch It Ultra v5.02.

This update include several bug fixes


  • Bug Fix which causes a crash with a ‘0/0/0 0:0:0:0′ is not a valid date and time’ error when the EXIF header does not contain a digitized date and time entry.
  • Reduce the PDF Manual File Size by about 4mb by decreasing the PDF quality of the document. This will reduce the download time for some of our users.


  • Command Line – Fixed Bug which causes the Recursive Command to be skipped
  • Command Line – Speed up the Recursive File Loading process at Start Up
  • Command Line – Update Total Files after images have been added to the list
  • Command Line – Reactivate the File Listing after images have been loaded
  • Command Line – Fixed Bug which causes no files to be included in the recursive mode when images are found only in the sub folders
  • Documentation – Added Missing Documentation for Command Line Parameters
  • Settings Profile File – Removed Redundant Tags in the XML File

The Settings Profile File generated by v5.00 and v5.01 is not compatible with that of v5.02 and later.

The update is available for immediate download from our website.