CM Note Keeper Backup Issue

It appears that under OS X 10.7 Lion, the Sandboxing requirement is causing some issues in regards to overwriting the backed up database file.

The workaround would be to save the Backed Up Database file as a different filename from the suggested name. Alternatively, you could manually delete the backup file before doing the Backup Database operation.

At the moment, we still do not have any resolution to this issue as we need Apple to address the issue.

As such, we have submitted CM Note Keeper v1.1.3 which would vary the suggested filename of the backup file to include the DateStamp as part of the filename, this will prevent the likelihood of the files from being overwritten. If all things goes on smoothly, this update should be available for download at the Mac App Store within the next 10 to 14 days pending their approval process.

We apologized for the inconvenience caused.

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