CM Note Keeper coming with Dropbox support

We have received request for the integration of Dropbox support in CM Note Keeper and we believe that it would certainly be a good idea to include that especially with our plans to allow for sharing of notes between computers and mobile devices (in the future). Currently, we already support both the Mac and Windows platform.

We had two options, one method was to integrate the Dropbox API into the application which means that we would need to hardcode dropbox into CM Note Keeper and in doing so, may require our users to have persistent connection with Dropbox for this to work. The other method would be to rely on the excellent Dropbox app and its virtual folders and just do the import and export of notes to the Dropbox virtual folders and let it do its magic.

Each options has its advantages and disadvantages but in the end, we picked option 2. This will allow for extra flexibility as we will allow our user to pick a folder (Dropbox or a local folder) and then allowing the additional option to save a text copy of each notes as they are created or edited. That would be, in our opinion, the best option as we could tailor this to other similar services which may come by without having to reinvent the wheel. Installing the DropBox app is certainly a breeze and by doing so, CM Note Keeper does not “own” your Dropbox account as you have the upper hand in deciding how you want to share the files.

We are in the midst of adding the ability to Import and Export Notes and also to allow you to determine whether you want to automatically save a text copy of the notes somewhere. Import and Export Notes would also allow you to import the subject, remarks, datestamp, category, source and of course the notes itself. The exported notes would be in the Text format with some simple tags to identify the data, this way you can build your own notes without CM Note Keeper and be able to import them in.

In fact, if you just want to copy the entire database over, you can do a Backup of the “DB” file and restore it over to another computer via Dropbox.

If all goes well, we should have v1.0.1 ready by the end of the week.

Do keep your suggestions coming. We certainly want to hear from you.

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