CM Note Keeper v1.0.1 with Dropbox Support

We are pleased to announce the release of CM Note Keeper for both Mac and Windows which supports the popular Dropbox online sync service. All you need to do is to install the Dropbox app, sign up for an account with them (free for up to 2gb of space) and then just point the Export To settings to that virtual folder. Each time you save a new note or update an existing one, it will be made available on Dropbox which in turn can be used by any of your computer and mobile devices which has Dropbox installed.

As Dropbox is not hardcoded to CM Note Keeper, you can use the export feature to save an extra copy of the text file version of your notes in a separate folder or with any virtual folder service like MobileMe.

You can now Import and Export the Notes with and without our tags. Our tagging system tags the respective fields so that you can import them directly into CM Note Keeper on any platform which it supports without having to enter any details again. The tags are easy to understand and you can tag your own tag files with your favorite text editor and import them into CM Note Keeper.

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