CM Note Keeper v1.0.4 (Mac OS X) Released

We are happy to release CM Note Keeper v1.0.4. This is a significant update as it fixes several issues which came about during the transition from Carbon to Cocoa.

Here are the list of fixes and new features included –

-Fixed bug which causes the Empty Database option not to work
-Revert to Sheet Windows for Preferences (Mac OS X)
-Add Rich Text Format Import, Export and Copy
-Fixed bug which shows Notes as Remarks on first load
-Encode Text as UTF-8 for greater compatibility with other applications
-Add Import Notes (UTF-16) to allow for importing of older CM Notes encoded in UTF-16
-Change Text background to White to cater for the Rich Text Formatting
-Added Index Column
-At Start Up, List sorted by Index instead of by Category
-Fixed Printing which causes the App to Crash
-Optimized Rich Text Format Printing
-Improved Rich Text Formatting

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