CM PDF Page Extractor (Windows) v1.1.2 Launched

We are pleased to announce the release of CM PDF Page Extractor for Windows. The conversion project from Mac-Only to a Cross Platform Application began in November 2011 which saw us experimenting with several different PDF Engine which could work on both Windows and Mac. Once we acquired the license, we began work implementing the new engine and shifting away from Mac only controls. We are pleased that our effort paid off and we could offer this application to the Windows community.

CM PDF Page Extractor is an application which allows you to extract pages and range of pages from a PDF or a Multi-Page TIFF File and convert them to a Multipage TIFF, PDF, JPG or PNG File. It allows you to select a range of pages to include. You could set it to output the extracted pages from each file into another individual output file or combine them to generate a single PDF file. By combining several pages together from different or a single PDF Files would allow you to discard certain pages which you do not want and generate a brand new PDF file.

The CM PDF Page Extractor for Windows is available for sale on our website and a 21 days trial version is also available for immediate download. This application retails for US$39.99.

The Mac version is available for OS X 10.6.6 and above on the Mac App Store.