CM TIFF 2 PDF (Windows) v1.1.2

We are pleased to announce the release of CM TIFF 2 PDF (Windows) v1.1.2. This is the initial Windows release of this application.

During the last 6 months, we have been busy behind the scene redesigning the PDF Generation to support both the Mac and Windows platform. The initial CM TIFF 2 PDF relies on the Mac OS X Core Graphic engine to generate the PDF files but using it means that we could not bring this Application to the Windows platform. We made a radical redesign of the application around a cross-platform PDF engine and thus the birth of CM TIFF 2 PDF for Windows. Not only does it support both Windows and Mac, it also significantly relies less on your computer memory as all pdf generation are done on file. This move allows you to create huge PDF file without crashing. The size of the PDF file that it can work with would be dependent on your operating system.

This application allows you to convert Single and Multipage TIFF, PNG and JPEG Files into PDF files (either one PDF file per input file or combine all the files into a single PDF file). The application also allows you to set Author Name, Subject and Title to the PDF file.

CM TIFF 2 PDF (Windows) retails for US$24.99 and it is available on sale on Plimus through our website order link. You can find a 21 days trial version from our website under Download.

We are in the midst of converting our other Mac only application to Windows.