New PDF Engine for Mac Apps

We understand that there is a fundamental design flaw with the current built-in Mac OS X PDF Engine which we are currently employing which stores all PDF pages in memory prior to saving them. When converting large number of TIFF images or pages to PDF, the application may run out of usable memory and thus either crashes or you get a resultant PDF file with missing or malformed pages. This issue only affects PDF files with more than 100 pages.

Currently, we are exploring an alternative solution which does a more efficient method of memory management. This will result in writing all converted PDF pages to file and thus does not result in huge memory usage. The advantage is that it can handle unlimited number of pages and thus allow PDF Files to be over the 2gb file limit. However, when working in file mode, this would result in a slightly slower processing speed.

As the App Store would no longer be accepting any updates for the week while it shuts down, we should have the solution available for CM TIFF TO PDF and CM Page Extractor at the beginning of January 2012.

We apologized for the inconvenience caused.

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