Road Map for 2016

We trust that you have a productive 2015 with our applications.

In 2015, we spend the bulk of the year tweaking our Windows based applications internally to ensure that they work flawlessly with Windows 10 and worked on other reported bugs. With the official arrival of Windows 10, we have not encountered any issues with the latest versions of our applications.

In ensuring that there is a smooth transition from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, we made the decision to discontinue hosting legacy versions of our applications as many did not work optimally or in some circumstances would fail to operate as prescribed. We launched the initiative to get everyone up to speed by offering all our existing valued customers the opportunity to upgrade to the latest versions at a heavily discounted pricing. The projective was to ensure a pleasant experience with our applications and to uphold our objectives to build applications to simplifying your work. Money was not the main projective but providing the applications for free was not possible as we are a small set up and it is costly on our part to upkeep and redeveloped the applications and that on top of the cost of licenses. Of course during that time, we emailed all of you as we are not accustomed to do so and that upset some of our customers and for that, we apologize. As promised, we have removed the entire mailing list of our customers and started a new opt-in list.

The process of supporting Windows 10 started back in 2013 and took close to two years redeveloping all our applications to ensure they supported 64 Bit compilations. Now all our Windows based application have both 32 Bit and 64 Bit native support.

During 2015, we spend the time to redevelop our iOS applications in Swift and also to support 64 bits.

In 2016, we will be doing the same thing for our Mac applications. The first phase of the upgrades have began by ensuring that all our imaging engine are up-to-date. Between now and the second quarter of 2016, we will spend the better part of the time to bringing all our existing Mac OS X applications in the 64 Bit framework.

Of course, we will not abandon our Windows based customers, if you do find any bugs or have any suggestions to improving the applications, feel free to contact us via email.