Trial Version for Mac

We announced that we have gone exclusively on the Mac App Store for all our Mac Apps so as to streamline the development and to harness the “App Store Only” features for our apps.

We however received emails from potential customers who want to try before buying our apps. As we have pretty much cleared the bulk of the development for the OS X Lion compatibility and Cocoa transition, we are looking at offering the option to download a trial copy of our apps from our website and also to option to purchase them off our site instead of the Mac App Store.

However, in line with the new development, the minimum specification would be an Intel Mac running OS X 10.6. The updates would be made within 72 hours of the release at the App Store. This will allow us to align the version on both the Mac App Store and on our website.

The Mac App Store does provide us with the opportunity to offer our apps to a wider audience but several shortcomings with face on the App Store is the lack of personal contact with our customer base and the obvious lack of the ability to offer trial versions.

We certainly want to minimize disappointed customers and be able to offer you the opportunity to try the app before purchasing them either on the App Store or our site.

Stay Tune. We should probably be able to finalize this before the end of the 2011.

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