Year End Review 2017

2017 has been a challenging year behind the scene.

With the release of Windows 10 Anniversary Update last year, Microsoft made it possible for traditional Windows Application such as ours to be hosted on the Windows Store. Seeing the changing Windows landscape, we jumped onboard. As of now, we have 8 of our Windows Application listed in the Windows Store.

The introduction of SmartScreen in Windows increasingly made it harder for us as a small virtual outfit to distribute our applications independently. Initially, only Internet Explorer would issue on an onscreen warning when downloading an installer which is not code-signed. Now SmartScreen Filter is part of the Windows so no matter where the installer have been downloaded, it will still issue a prompt and made it difficult for applications to be installed.

During the last 5 years, we had to jump through many hoops to get the necessary documents which was required to purchase the code signing certificate. Even after signing the applications with the code signing certificate, SmartFilter will still continue to prompt that the application may not be safe.

Additionally, the certificate authority which we were using and a few others may have their authorization revoked which means it gets harder to get a certificate. Being a small virtual outfit, it is challenging and expensive to get through the necessary steps.

Coming 2018, if we are unable to resolve the codesigning issue, we will probably be forced to not codesign our Windows application installers available on this website. Technically this is what you need to do.

This will begin the installation of the application.

However, on the Windows Store, all our applications comes signed with the Windows Store Certificate so they will clear all SmartScreen Filters.

We will be getting all our applications on the Windows Store. I believe that’s the direction that Microsoft wants us to take as more users  are using Windows 10.