Batch TIFF & PDF Converter

Batch TIFF & PDF Converter is an All-In-One Toolkit made to handle all your TIFF and PDF needs. This application is modelled around Batch TIFF Resizer which is our Windows based TIFF and PDF tool and the best of the various Mac applications such as our CM PDF & TIFF Page Extractor, CM PDF Merge NX, CM TIFF 2 PDF and CM ComboTIFF which is also available on the Mac App Store.

Batch TIFF & PDF Converter

Because of TIFF and PDF multi-page support, it is increasingly use to store scanned documents such as architecture plans, contracts, invoices and the likes. This program is designed with these uses in mind.

What Batch TIFF & PDF Converter can do includes

  • Open and Save with Single Page TIFF, Multi-Page TIFF, PDF, JPG and PNG Files
  • Merge all files in the listing into a single Multi-Page TIFF file or PDF File
  • Can work with Password Protected PDF File as the application will prompt for the unlock password
  • Extract Pages from the Multi-Page TIFF and PDF files into TIFF, PDF, PNG or JPG files
  • Rearrange Pages within the TIFF and PDF documents using Page Ranges
  • Remove Pages from the TIFF and PDF which is undesired
  • Remove or Add Password Protections to the PDF file (Only if you have the master password to unlock the file)
  • Insert Pages into the TIFF and PDF files
  • Add Text Caption with Transparency
  • Add Watermark Image with Transparency
  • Resize Pages using Downsizing by Pixels, Percentages, Ratio or even Paper Size
  • Save Settings into Settings Profile Files which can be distributed or reused as and when needed.

Add Text Caption or Watermark Image such as Copyright tags to the pages within the TIFF and PDF files. You can pick from the 9 locations where text captions can be included as such Diagonal, Top Left, Top Middle, Top Right, Center Left, Center Middle, Center Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Middle and Bottom Right. You can even determine on which page such as All Pages, Even Pages, Odd Pages, Every Page except First and Odd Pages except First.


TIFF Specific Settings

  • Change TIFF Compression Settings
  • Add Copyright Tag to TIFF File

PDF Specific Settings

  • Set PDF Compression Filter and Level
  • Set PDF Encryption Level from 40 Bit all the way up to 256 Bit
  • Set PDF User and Master Level Passwords. Master Level Password allows the overriding of all restrictions
  • Modify PDF Meta Data Info such as Author Name, Title, Subject and Keywords
  • Set PDF Permissions such as Allowing Copy, Allowing Printing and Allowing Annotations
  • Support to Flatten Form Fields in the PDF files

This application will be available on the Mac App Store using the following link

Batch TIFF & PDF Converter download
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Batch TIFF & PDF Converter download

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