CM Batch Photo Processor (Mac OS X)

CM Batch Photo Processor helps you in performing the mundane and tiresome task of having to batch resize and rename all your photos while giving you back the time to doing what you enjoy doing.

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Resizing is never easier as it provides you with several methods such as Downsizing by Pixel, Downsizing by Percentage and several quick ratios to use. It also supports adding of text captions to the images.

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The renaming feature allows you to add Prefix and Suffix to your existing filenames and/or include an auto-generated running number to it. You can tag on any text to the filenames so that in the near future when you refer to those photos, you would know where and when they are taken.

Apart from helping you resize and rename your photos, CM Batch Photo Resizer can help you rotate photos and add that extra spark to your photos through its manipulation option, some of which includes Sharpen, Blur, Oil Paint, Negative, Grayscale, Sepia and Equalize effects.

CM Batch Photo Resizer allows you to Load Folders of Photos or drag and drop them into the application and allows you to retain the same folder structure as the original files in a new location. It can do it recursively.

CM Batch Photo Resizer works with the commonly used photo format which includes JPEG, PNG and TIFF files. Satisfying all your photography needs.

CM Batch Photo Resizer is a great tool for both professional and amateur photographers alike. It certainly is a handy app to have for anyone who deals with photos.

Like they say, a Picture paints a thousand words and CM Batch Photo Resizer would certainly that task easier for you.

CM Batch Photo Resizer is now 100% Cocoa based.

Minimum System Requirements
(Apple Mac)
Any Intel-Based Mac running Mac OS X 10.6.6
1 Gb RAM 20Mb Disk Space Free


CM Batch Photo Resizer is available for sale on the Mac App Store

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