CM Note Keeper (Windows)

Have you ever found a good recipe, a good programming code, a tip or something which you found useful on the web but may want to keep it down somewhere to use later ? Sticky pads may do the trick but if you have a lot of notes around, it can get messy. This is where CM Note Keeper comes it.

CM Note Keeper helps you

  • Organize Your Notes and Helpful Tips in one central location
  • Allow you to search through the notes by keywords
  • You Can Add and Edit Your Notes
  • Define your own Categories to store them
  • Import and Export Note as Text File (One, List or All)
  • Import Text File as Notes
  • Automatically Export Notes as Text Files when you Add New Notes or Update them
  • Dropbox Integration which allows you to share files with your other computers or mobile devices
  • Print your Note or Notes
  • Copy them as and when you need it.
  • CM Note Keeper is highly customizable.
  • Can be used to store code snippets, thoughts, recipes, journals, personal information, friends contacts and practically anything information you can think of.

CM Note Keeper not only helps you organize your notes, it allows you to free your mind for the more important things in life.

Memory is an important thing.As we get older, sadly our memory may fade. By using CM Note Keeper, you could jot down your thoughts and what you learn and refer back to it as and when you need to so as to refresh your memory.

CM Note Keeper would Date Stamp every note so you know when they are written.

CM Note Keeper can automatically update your notes with your Dropbox account.

CM Note Keeper is a must have tool for anyone who needs to remember things.

CM Note Keeper is currently available for both Windows and Mac OS X. The Database can be backed up and restored between the two platform.

Minimum System Requirement
(Windows Version)
Pentium 4 Running Windows XP and above
1gb RAM and 20mb Disk Space Free.


CM Note Keeper: 5 Star Award at !
  100% Clean Certified  1.02 : 5 Stars Award at !
 1.02 : 5 Stars Award at !