CM PDF Merge (Mac OS X)

CM PDF Merge is an Fast Easy-To-Use Application which does one thing and that is to help you merge two or more PDF files together into one. It employs an ultra fast PDF engine which does the job well every time.

All it takes is a simple 4 steps

1) Load the PDF Files into CM PDF Merge

2) Set the Combined Filename which would be the new filename of the merged PDF file

3) Set the Save In Folder where you want the merged PDF file to be saved in

4) Hit the Start button, sit back and get the merged PDF file in no time.

No Mess! No Fuss! And Get it Right Every time.

Features of CM PDF Merge

★ Allows you to load selective PDF files using Load Files
★ Allows you to load entire folders of PDF files using Load Folders
★ Allows Resorting of the list by Alphabetical Order just by clicking on the header (either Ascending or Descending)
★ Allows Manual Reordering of the files just by dragging and dropping the file names within the list into the position you want
★ Allows you to remove files by using the Delete function in the contextual menu
★ CM PDF Merge employs a highly efficient engine which works with any number of files