Roadmap for Our Windows Apps (2012-2014)

Last year we began developing applications for the Mac while still activating developing for the Windows platform. With the release of Batch It Ultra v4.0 in March 2012, we concluded the major rewrite of all our core Windows applications which began in 2008. All our applications have been tested on the latest Windows operating including the Preview version of Windows 8.

During the development of our Mac applications, we took steps to compile the applications for the Windows platform. This brought about the release of our CM series of applications which includes CM Batch Photo Processor, CM ComboTIFF, CM PDF Page Extractor, CM PDF Merge, CM Note Keeper and CM TIFF 2 PDF. Although the applications work great on the Mac environment, we are not terribly excited about their performance as these applications were develop on the Mac platform.

As such, we will be embarking on the next major phase of our development. We are working towards developing for the 64bit platform. We feel that the time is ripe for 64bit applications with many of our clients using Windows 7 and probably the new Windows 8 Operating System. We will continue to support the 32bit Windows Operating System as far as possible. The 64bit platform would allows us to address larger memory sizes which would be useful for larger image dimensions. 

The 64bit Windows Operating System such as Windows 7 and Windows 8 would continue to support 32bit applications. Currently, all our applications are 32bit applications. 

To begin this new phase, we will begin working on a brand new version of CM ComboTIFF, CM PDF Page Extractor, CM PDF Merge and CM TIFF 2 PDF for Windows. We will began development on the Windows platform to ensure optimum performance for these applications. We should expect the first roll our before the year end. 

We will be looking to begin developing 64bit version of our Imaging Applications in 2013. This will represent the next phase of rebuilding those applications from ground up and expect the release at the middle of 2014.