Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Update my Current Version ?

We offer free minor updates for your version you purchased. This would include both bug fixes and new features requested by our valued customers such as yourself. All you need to do is to download the latest version from our website and install it over your current version. This will update the program files but not your settings.

Major upgrades such as from v1.x to v2.x are not free and they are a paid option. It is not compulsory to upgrade but we usually rebuild the entire software core to cater for the new and upcoming changes in the operating system.

For Windows Programs, you can download the latest trial version from our website and install it over your existing version. As long as the installation is installed on the existing computer where the registration codes are applied, they will get updates.

For Mac Apps, you can download the latest updates from the Mac App Store using the App Store app in your OS X 10.6.6 Snow Leopard or OS X 10.7 Lion and above. The Updates would be available in the Upgrades Tab. If not, navigate to the app you purchased and do an Option-Click on the Install and the new updates would be downloaded and automatically installed on your Mac.

All customers who purchased our Mac Apps off our website would can use the Free Redemption Keys which was sent to you to migrate over to the App Store version.

Complete Magic Apps is the brand name we used for our Mac based Applications and future Cross-platform applications. Our other website was set up to cater for the Mac App Store. We will include more of our application to that site as and when they get approved by Apple.

Can I use the same registration keys for both the Windows and Mac OS X Version Applications ?

Although some applications exists on both the Windows and the Mac OS X platform, they do not share the same registration keys. However if you purchase on one platform and want to run the application on another platform, please contact us and we will furnish you with a deeply discounted pricing for the other platform license.

I see that some apps have both Windows and Mac OS X version, would more be coming ?

It is definitely our plan to develop more cross-platform applications in the future but at times when there are some small technological or design differences between the platforms, we would try to accommodation for that. However if the differences are very vast, we would have to develop the application from bottom up which would appear as different application altogether.

The Settings Page is very long, can I hide certain sections which I do not use ?

We tried to make our applications as comprehensive as possible by providing you with as much controls over how your images would look like.

On the Settings tab, we divided relevant settings into its own section. At the top of each section, you would find a double chevron on the right hand side. Clicking on it would close up that section. This will allows you to close up the section which you do not want to use.

At the same time, once you find the settings which you are happy with, you could use the File/Save Profile and save the Settings Profile which contains all the settings which is used in the application at that time. You can create as many profiles as you want and load them as and when you need them.