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Code Signing and Price Cuts

We have thought long and hard and it appears that Microsoft vision of the future of Windows is where Windows apps are sold off the Windows Store. Microsoft hit the 500 million active computers using Windows 10, it would definitely make sense.

In 2017, we began migrating the bulk of our applications to the Windows Store. It was definitely not without issues but as they said, it gets easier with practise.

Over the years, despite having obtain the necessary code-signing certificate, our applications’ installer download still prompts the SmartScreen Warning. As such, we have decided not to renew our code signing certificate in the coming year.

We will still be distributing our Windows applications on our website and on the Windows Store. With the cost savings from the various procedures needed to get certified for a code signing certificate and the cost of the certificate itself, we have decided it’s best to pass the savings to you. With immediate effect, we have reduced the prices of our Windows applications sold via FastSpring through our website comes with between a 20 to 25% permanent price reduction.

If you are not comfortable with the installer coming without the code signing certificate, there is the option to purchase our applications through the Windows Store. The applications on our website would still work the same way as they have always do.

Batch JPEG Rotator v2.17 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of Batch JPEG Rotator v2.17. This contains an updated imagine engine which fixes a bug in the 32 bit version which doesn’t show up the after processing preview image. It also fixes a bug in the Windows Store 64 Bit version which crashes when rotating photos using the lossless method.

We are now on the Windows Store

With the release of Windows 10 Anniversary Update which was released on August 2nd 2016, we have been looking forward to Project Centennial which allows us to list our win32 applications on the Windows Store. We have been working with Microsoft’s Centennial team for the last two months to port our applications to the Store.

As of today, we are pleased to announce 7 of our Windows applications have made it to the Windows Store. As the Windows Store does not offer us the opportunity to release both 32 and 64 bit applications, we opted for the 64 bit versions of our applications to be listed. This make sense considering that most Windows 10 users are currently running the 64 Bit version of Windows.

The 7 applications are

  1. Batch TIFF Resizer (US$45.49)
  2. ComboTIFF Pro (US$29.99)
  3. Batch It (US$29.99)
  4. Memory Pictures Creator (US$10.99)
  5. Memory Pictures Viewer (Free)
  6. Batch JPEG Date Changer (US$9.99)
  7. Batch JPEG Rotator (US$9.99)

For a limited time, we are offering the above applications at a discount.


Memory Pictures Viewer in on the Windows Store

We are pleased to announce that the Memory Pictures Viewer for Windows is now available on the Windows Store. This is available free of charge as always.

As the Windows Store only permits a single listing, we will only be listing 64 Bit versions of our applications there.

Memory Pictures Viewer can be downloaded using the following link

The Windows Store presents an exciting platform for us to reach out to the existing Windows 10 community. We hope to have more of our applications listed in the store in the foreseeable future moving forward.