Browse Month: November 2011

Batch TIFF Resizer v2.12 Release

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Batch TIFF Resizer v2.12 on our website. This version fixes the issue when the Resizing Method is set to By Page Size and the Aspect Ratio option is unchecked, the bug causes the tiff file to retain its Aspect Ratio. With the fix, the Aspect Ratio is respected.

At the same time, we have re-themed the interface as the prior version’s theme is too CPU Intensive and does not show up right.

CM Note Keeper v1.1.5 for Windows

We are pleased to launch the updated version of CM Note Keeper v1.1.5 for Windows. This version contains several changes since v1.0.1

– Added RTF Import and Export
– Added Visit Link in View Details
– Added Contextual Menu for Note List to View, Copy and Delete Note
– Added Option to Disable Confirmation Windows and Messages
– Added Option to Show or Hide Columns
– Added Duplicate Note Option
– Added Speak to Read Notes
– Added Saving of Positions and Sizing of App and Columns
– Move PDF Help File to our Website
– Added Alignment Options – Left, Center and Right
– Added Source List Navigation

ComboTIFF (Windows) v1.0.6 Launched

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of ComboTIFF v1.0.6 for Windows. This version plays catch up to the Mac version.

Since v1.0.3, here is a summary of the updates

– Move the Saving Settings to Main Page
– Remove Popup Menu which causes the app to crash if there is a duplicate file name in both the source and output file name
– Move PDF Help File to our website
– Added option to Delete File from the List as a Contextual Menu Option in File Listing

CM Batch Photo Resizer (Windows) v1.1.11

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of CM Batch Photo Resizer v1.1.11 for Windows. This version shares the same features as the Mac counterpart.

The Feature Updates since v1.0.8 includes

– Improved Error Checking for Faulty Photos
– The Saving Settings is moved to the Main Page
– The PDF Help File now available as a Downloaded Option on our website
– Added Option to Delete Files from the Listing
– Added Support for XMP/IPTC Header Retention when transferring from JPEG to JPEG or TIFF or Vice Versa
– Added Option to Remove All Headers
– Added Huffman Optimization for JPEG Photos
– Fixed “Ghosting” effect when resizing Windows.

Mac App Trials are Back

In June, we consolidate all sale of our Mac apps to the Apple App Store as it would simplify purchase and installation of our apps. However, one big issue with the App Store is that it does not offer you as the customer the ability to try our apps before buying.

As we have completed the migration of our apps from the Carbon to the Cocoa framework and then subsequently rewrite the apps to support the Sandboxing Requirement for OS X Lion.

Since all that is behind us now, we are pleased to announce that the Mac Trials are back on our website. However, all sales are exclusively available on the Apple App Store.

All Apps come with a 21 days trial period which would allow you to try our apps before buying.