Batch JPEG Rotator

Batch JPEG Rotator allows you to batch rotate JPEG images without sacrificing image quality.

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JPEG is the widely used image format for digital photographs because it supposed true colors (16.7 million colors palette) and the image quality to file size ratio is unbeatable. JPEG uses a ‘lossy’ algorithm which reduces file size significantly as some level of image quality is sacrificed. At the 1:1 ratio, the loss in quality is not significant but when you enlarge the image, the pixelization would be more evident. Because of the lossy algorithm, each time the images are re-saved, the image quality would fall further. This ‘lossy’ algorithm is what makes JPEG so popular but it can be a burden.

As photographers, it is not uncommon to take both landscape and portrait images so as to capture that special moment in time. The camera is made for Landscape images and not for Portrait images. On the camera, we could just turn the camera to take those portrait shots but the images would appear as landscape images. In order to bring it to perspective, we will need to rotate the images. However by doing so in JPEG means that there would be some level of image quality loss.

The Answer is in Batch JPEG Rotator. It applies a new technology which allows for true lossless JPEG Rotation. What this means is that no matter how many times you start rotating the JPEG images, the image quality would remain with no loss whatsoever.

If however, you want to reduce the file size of the JPEG images, you can set it to use the standard Lossy Rotation and allows you to set the JPEG Quality and JPEG Smoothing.

New breeds of digital cameras are now including a feature to auto-detect the orientation of the camera (landscape or portrait) when taking pictures or contains In-Camera Image Editing Features. This information is stored in the EXIF header of the photos. However, depending on the model of the camera, the images may not be physically rotated. Batch JPEG Rotator is capable of taking advantage of this information to rotate the images physically.

Batch JPEG Rotator allows you to :

– Select one or more images to apply 5 different image rotation procedure namely :-

  • 90° Clockwise
  • 90° CounterClockwise
  • 180° Clockwise
  • Flip Images Horizontally
  • Flip Images Vertically

– Rotate All the Images in the Directory at one go.

– Rotate All Images based on Camera (EXIF) Settings

New in V2 Includes

  • Native 64 Bit Windows Support. The 64 Bit Version works on a 64 Bit Windows Operating System such as Windows 7 (64 Bit) and Windows 8 (64 Bit) and takes advantage of the larger memory address and would work a lot faster.
  • A new feature is the ability to only load JPEG Images which requires Rotation.
  • Prior to Rotation, Batch JPEG Rotator would make a copy of the original images which allows you to Undo by restoring the originals.
  • Supports both Lossless Rotation or Lossy Rotation. The Lossy Rotation allows you to reduce the file size by changing the JPEG Quality and JPEG Smoothing.

System Requirements

Minimum Requirements
Pentium 4, 1gb RAM, Windows Vista, 1gb Harddisk Space

Operating System

  • 64 Bit Edition – Windows 10 (64 Bit), Windows 8 (64 Bit), Windows Server 2012 (64 Bit) and Windows Server 2016 (64 Bit)

* This application does not work on Windows RT.

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