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Batch It Pro v5.51 Supports Filename Renaming for All Files

We are pleased to announce the immediate release of Batch It Pro v5.51. This update contains a bug fix which allows all types of files to be imported using the drag and drop method.

Included in this update is a newly requested feature which is the ability to use the Filename Changer to change the filenames of all types of files and not just limited to the supported image formats.

To enable this, check the Do Filename Changer and the Enable Filename Changer option prior to importing the files into the application either via the Load Files, Load Folders or by Dragging and Dropping the files into the Control Center. This will let you drop in any types of files into the list.

However, if you want to just have the application rename only supported image formats then uncheck the Do Filename Changer option prior to importing the list and then just enable it before you start the file renaming process.

For more information, check out Batch It Pro information page. Feel free to download the 14 Days Trial version to determine if this is the application for you.

Harnessing the Power of EXIF Rotation

It might be hard to believe but there was a point of time when digital cameras cannot sense when you rotate them to take portrait photos and in the case of a smart phone, landscape pictures. Now all modern cameras come equipped with an orientation sensor and store this orientation information inside the JPEG File header or more technically known as the Exif header. Exif stands for Exchangeable image file format.

On a smart phone such as the iPhone, the photos will always show up in the right orientation because the built-in photo viewers read this settings but when posting the pictures to websites, it may not show up correctly and thus doing a real orientation change is needed.

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