About Us

Back in early 1998, we purchased our first digital camera and found it to be a wonderful tool to capture people and places we meet during our travels. Soon we ended up with thousands of images and not knowing what to do with them. We searched the web and found several batch imaging tools but they were cumbersome and too pricy for the hobbyists and the man-in-the-street to use. There we saw the need for a simple to use tool made just right to meet our needs. Thus Batch It! was born. We never looked back ever since.

As photographers ourselves, we exclusively use our products for our own needs. Because our products can be used in any industries, we rely heavily on our clients’ feedback and suggestions to enhance the product ranges to what they are today.

Currently, our softwares have been used several governmental institutions, financial institutions, schools, fortune 500 companies, law enforcement agencies, web design house, photographers and more. Our products have gain numerous accolades and mentions on the web and printed media.

We pride ourselves for developing simple-to-use applications to cater for the masses. We do not believe in hyping up our products and thus offer a 21 days risk-free free-to-try download for all our product ranges. We welcome you to evaluate the program to see if it meet your needs. If not, you owe us nothing. Feel free to email us and let us know if you have any suggestions to improve the product.

At iRedsoft Technology Inc, our philosophy and goal is simple. We believe in meeting our clients’ growing needs by simplifying their batch imaging needs. We are committed to go all the way to ensure customer satisfaction to the best of our abilities.

Year 2011 is an exciting year for us. It is the year, we are going full force into developing Mac based applications. We will continue to enhance our Windows based offering too and add more than just imaging based applications to our collection.

If you do have any specific needs which are not covered by our applications, feel free to email us and we could provide you with a quote for custom development.

Mailing Address

iRedSoft Technology Inc.
9 East Loockerman St., Suite 205

Treadway Towers
Dover, DE 19901

Our Branding
Batch Image is the brand name we used for our Windows based Imaging Application. Complete Magic App is our brand name for our Mac, iOS and Android Applications. The brand names may be used interchangeably.


SmartScreen Warning in Windows 7, 8 and 10

As such, we will not be codesigning our applications available on our website and will pass the cost savings to you. With immediate effect, our applications are now 20 to 25% cheaper

In the Smart Screen, click "More Info" and "Run Anyway" to install our trials and licensed versions of our applications. 

Trial Versions

We currently provide a 14 Days Free Trial Versions for our Windows applications so that you can evaluate the application you are keen in purchasing. This will allow you full access apart from the nag screens to determine if this is the application that will meet your needs.

If you however do encounter any issues or require an extension in the trial period, feel free to contact us via email at support@batchimage.com and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Looking for Mac Apps ?

Our Mac based Apps are available on https://www.completemagic.com .

Unlike in the past where our Mac Apps are only available through the Mac AppStore, we are in the process of revamping the apps so that they are available on our website. One core benefit is the ability to provide a 14 Days Free Trial version unlike the Mac AppStore which does not provide trials.