Browse Month: July 2011

Mac OS X Apps Updated on the Mac App Store

The Following Apps are Updated on the Mac App Store

ComboTIFF v1.0.3
CM TIFF 2 PDF v1.0.3
CM PDF Page Extractor v1.0.2
CM Note Keeper v1.0.6
CM Sort List v1.0.1

The Core feature include OS X Lion Support and Full Screen support. They can be access from the App Store App.

To reinstall or update the respective app, you could either do an Option-Click on the Install button on the respective app if it is not available on the Updates tab.

Our Mac Apps works on OS X Lion (10.7)

We are pleased to announce that our Mac Apps –

– CM Note Keeper
– CM Batch Photo Resizer
– CM PDF Page Extractor
– ComboTIFF
– CM Sort List

works on the latest OS X Lion.

There are several minor cosmetic issues which we would address in the coming updates.

With the launch of OS X Lion, we have decided to consolidate all sales of our Mac Apps exclusively on the Mac App Store. This will allow us to offer Lion only features in the near future.

CM Batch Photo Resizer v1.0.6 Released

We are pleased to announce the availability of CM Batch Photo Resizer v1.0.6.

In this version, CM Batch Photo Resizer supports the ColorSpace Profile. It will allow colorspace present in the photos to be retained or transferred during the image processing. This works conversion between JPEG and TIFF and vice versa.

Also available in this version is the ability to change Dots Per Inch settings of the processed photos. To retain the Dots Per Inch of the original photos, set the Dots Per Inch settings to “As Is”.

CM Note Keeper v1.0.4 (Mac OS X) Released

We are happy to release CM Note Keeper v1.0.4. This is a significant update as it fixes several issues which came about during the transition from Carbon to Cocoa.

Here are the list of fixes and new features included –

-Fixed bug which causes the Empty Database option not to work
-Revert to Sheet Windows for Preferences (Mac OS X)
-Add Rich Text Format Import, Export and Copy
-Fixed bug which shows Notes as Remarks on first load
-Encode Text as UTF-8 for greater compatibility with other applications
-Add Import Notes (UTF-16) to allow for importing of older CM Notes encoded in UTF-16
-Change Text background to White to cater for the Rich Text Formatting
-Added Index Column
-At Start Up, List sorted by Index instead of by Category
-Fixed Printing which causes the App to Crash
-Optimized Rich Text Format Printing
-Improved Rich Text Formatting