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Batch It v6.77 Released

This is a bug fixed update

  • Rework the Load Files method to fix a memory leak
  • Remove the theme which causes the File Path field to be populated with malformed text especially for large list

Batch It Pro v6.01 Released

In this update, the following issues are fixed

  • Fixed a memory leak when using the Load Files
  • Update theme to fix an issue where the File Path gets updated with malformed text
  • Lock UI when previewing photos to prevent a crash

Batch It Ultra v6.01 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of Batch It Ultra v6.01. It comes with the following bug fixes

  • Fixed Text Alignment on Buttons
  • Improve File Loading Speed
  • Orientation Degree showing up as a different character
  • Crash when loading non-existent file
  • Crash when the Preview is activated but not completed before the list is cleared
  • Drag and Drop not working
  • Update theme to fix an issue where the File Paths shows wrong details when loading huge list