Browse Month: December 2011

Updates on CM TIFF 2 PDF and CM PDF Page Extractor

We are happy to announce that the migration to the new PDF Engine has been completed for both CM TIFF 2 PDF and CM PDF Page Extractor.

The CM TIFF 2 PDF v1.1.0 which comes with the new engine is available on the Mac App Store now while the CM PDF Page Extractor v1.1.0 is currently in review, it should be made available when the Apple’s review team is back to work at the end of the year.

From here, we will be making several changes to these two apps while we embarked on developing Windows version of these apps within the first quarter of 2012. This would involve making all Mac-Only features generic between the two platforms.

As you may noticed, we removed the Quartz Filter option in the two apps which is Mac only. We will be replacing the current OS X Preview Windows with our own PDF Previewer in future updates.

Our ultimate goal would ensure that the majority of our apps would work under both OS X and Windows.

CM TIFF 2 PDF (Mac) v1.1.0 Released

We are pleased to announce the immediate release of CM TIFF 2 PDF v1.1.0 on the Mac App Store.

This version features a brand new more robust PDF engine. The 2gb file limit is a thing of the past. You could easily handle files with more than 100 pages. This new engine writes to file at every page as opposed to the old engine which stores the created PDF in memory and writes to disk after the entire PDF file is generated.

No longer would you encounter crashes, malformed or blank pages. If you are using the older version of CM TIFF 2 PDF, please update to the latest version which is available at the AppStore.

New PDF Engine for Mac Apps

We understand that there is a fundamental design flaw with the current built-in Mac OS X PDF Engine which we are currently employing which stores all PDF pages in memory prior to saving them. When converting large number of TIFF images or pages to PDF, the application may run out of usable memory and thus either crashes or you get a resultant PDF file with missing or malformed pages. This issue only affects PDF files with more than 100 pages.

Currently, we are exploring an alternative solution which does a more efficient method of memory management. This will result in writing all converted PDF pages to file and thus does not result in huge memory usage. The advantage is that it can handle unlimited number of pages and thus allow PDF Files to be over the 2gb file limit. However, when working in file mode, this would result in a slightly slower processing speed.

As the App Store would no longer be accepting any updates for the week while it shuts down, we should have the solution available for CM TIFF TO PDF and CM Page Extractor at the beginning of January 2012.

We apologized for the inconvenience caused.