Batch TIFF & PDF Converter is Live

We have just got word from Apple that Batch TIFF & PDF Converter is now live on the Mac App Store.

This application is includes all the best features from all our PDF and TIFF tools we have listed on the Mac App Store which gives you an all-on-one platform to simplify all your TIFF and PDF needs.

Batch TIFF & PDF Converter

Although this application is called Batch TIFF & PDF Converter, like most of our applications, they do more than just converting between TIFF and PDF and vice versa. The inclusion of Page Ranges which we perfected on Batch TIFF Resizer is a powerful feature which will allow you to rearrange, extract, insert and remove pages from your TIFF or PDF documents. It gives you all the control needed to perform the task through a simple to understand interface. We are all familiar with Page Ranges in the context of Printing where you can select which page of the documents to print and we just brought that same simplicity in this tool.

An example of page range can be sum up in this simple line. Say that you have 10 pages in your document and you need to remove page 4 and swap the order of page 6 and 7. The Page Range will look like 1-3,5,7-6,8-10 . It’s as simple as that.

Page Extraction will allow you to extract one or more pages in the document for distribution instead of having to offer the entire document. The extracted pages can be saved as a TIFF, PDF, PNG or even a JPG file.

Inserting pages can be a life-saver especially when a page or more is missing from the document and you will not need to recreate the entire TIFF or PDF file. All you need to do is use Batch TIFF & PDF Converter to insert that page or file in for you. It supports inserting TIFF, PDF, PNG and JPG files.

Removing pages is the opposite of inserting and can be equally useful when certain pages are not ready for distribution.

Apart from those core features, Batch TIFF & PDF Converter supports adding of Text Captions to the pages. This can be done on the 9 computed points on the page and not only that you can determine which page you want the text captions to be on. A text caption in this case can be your copyright tag.

It also supports page resizing to reduce the page size and thus document size.

For PDF files, it supports working on both password protected and non password protected file. When it first loads the file to the list, it will evaluate if the file is password protected and if so, will prompt you to enter the password. This is only done at the beginning of the session. Obviously, this application will also offer you the ability to password protect your PDF file and determine which permissions such as Copying, Printing and Annotation support.

Batch TIFF & PDF Converter is a robust tool which is modelled around our Batch TIFF Resizer for Windows. This application is used by legal firms, architectural firms and any organization and individuals who would need to work with TIFF or PDF files on a regular basis.

Batch TIFF & PDF Converter retails for US$29.99 and is available exclusively on the Mac App Store at