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Batch It v6.82 Released

We made the following updates

  • Updated the Imaging Engine
  • Faster Loading of Photos
  • Fixed Before Preview reporting the wrong dimensions images
  • Fixed the entire File List being deleted when the last file on the list is deleted

Batch It v6.81 Released

We made the following updates

  • Change the way “Enable Change Preview” works. Now when the option is unchecked, the File Listing Thumbnails are also suppressed.
  • Change the way “Show Processed Images After Processing”. Now when this option is unchecked, the “Before Preview” would no longer show up

Batch It v6.79 Released

We reworked the Load Files module to overcome the 65335 bytes limit which prevented large list of over several thousands from loading at one time

Batch It v6.77 Released

This is a bug fixed update

  • Rework the Load Files method to fix a memory leak
  • Remove the theme which causes the File Path field to be populated with malformed text especially for large list