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Memory Pictures v1.09 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of Memory Pictures v1.09. In this update, we included the option to export all the Photos on the List’s Coordinates and Notes in a CSV file. You can use the CSV file in another application.

The exported details are as follows

Filename, Date,  Latitude, Longitude, GPS Coordinates, Place, Address, Country, Notes

Memory Pictures v1.01 (Windows) Updated

We are pleased to announce the release of Memory Pictures v1.01. This update brings about docking and pinning supports to the panels. In v1.0, all the panels are fixed and can only be resized but in this update, you can undock and pin all the panels except the Map Viewer.

Currently, the undocking of the map viewer would cause a crash and it’s not something we want. So for now, the map viewer stays fix. However, if you pin or undock the other panels, the map viewer will expand. You can also zoom into the location if you want to be able to have a more close up view of the place.



Memory Pics is now Memory Pictures

Pics can be acronyms for many things although it basically is short for Pictures. However to prevent any misunderstanding, we thought a name change would be in order. Especially so at this early stage.

The other thing is that we secured a domain name for it at . At the moment, the website is still under-construction and we should have something up within the week. We want Memory Pictures to be more than just another application that we created but rather a stepping stone to something greater. It is something we are really passionate about.