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iRedSoft Image Resizer v5.29 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of iRedSoft Image Resizer v5.29.

This version contains the following changes

  • Fixed alignment of the Exit button when the app is maximize
  • Improve loading speed of photos to the File Listing
  • Fixed issue with Drag and Drop which loads unsupported files to the list

Batch TIFF Resizer v3.37 Released

We are pleased to announce the immediate release of Batch TIFF Resizer v3.37. This update brings new enhancements to the TIFF Export Module.

We included the option for Mixed Mode TIFF Compression. This option is useful for multipage TIFF which may contain some Grayscale/Black and White pages such as scanned documents and Color pages such as photos. In the past, you can set the TIFF Compression for the entire TIFF file which would apply to all pages. In Mixed Mode, you can define the TIFF Compression and Color Depth for the Color and Grayscale/Black and White pages. This can result in smaller file size which also reflects the correct colors for each page.

At the same time, we included the TIFF Zip Compression levels option so if you are using the new ZIP Compression, you can determine if you want to use the fastest but larger file size or the slower but smaller file size.

Batch JPEG Date Changer v1.05 Released

We are pleased to announce the immediate release of Batch JPEG Date Changer v1.05.

This update includes the following

  • Support for PNG Images
  • Support for MOV and MP4 Movies
  • Now prompts if you want it to display the folder after processing

We included the MOV and MP4 movies support as they are amongst the more common videos format supported by digital cameras and if the photos from that session requires date changes, it is inevitably the movies taken would also need to reflect that change. MOV and MP4 currently do not support EXIF headers but they have their proprietary metadata.

PNG Images do not currently support EXIF headers and as such only the Creation and Modification Date can be changed.

Batch JPEG Date Changer v1.04 Released

We are pleased to announce the immediate release of Batch JPEG Date Changer v1.04.

In this update, we included the option to change date via the “Incremental Date Changer Settings”. This effectively let you set a start date and time and have all subsequent photos files’ date and time increment via a fixed interval either by seconds or minutes. You have the option set vary the interval.

Memory Pictures Creator v1.02 Released

Memory Pictures is now Memory Pictures Creator.

In this update, both the imaging and map engine have been updated. France 1 server option has been removed as it is no longer functional. At the same time, we increase the width of the thumbnail photos. There are a couple of minor internal tweaks.

Batch JPEG Rotator v2.17 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of Batch JPEG Rotator v2.17. This contains an updated imagine engine which fixes a bug in the 32 bit version which doesn’t show up the after processing preview image. It also fixes a bug in the Windows Store 64 Bit version which crashes when rotating photos using the lossless method.

Critical Updates for Batch It Ultra, Batch It Pro, Batch It, JBatch It and iRedSoft Image Resizer

In the effort to speed up the image preview process, we inevitably causes the photos to resized to 1/8th the original file sizes in the previous update. We are already corrected the issues in the latest update, so do ensure that you apply this update to fix the issue.

The latest update includes

  • Batch It Ultra v5.43
  • Batch It Pro v5.53
  • Batch It v6.34
  • JBatch It v6.32
  • iRedSoft Image Resizer v5.25

You can download the latest versions from our website at

We apologized for the inconvenience caused.

Memory Pics (Windows) v1.0 Launched

We are pleased to announce the launched of the Windows version of Memory Pics. This project started off several months back when we were exploring a better way to keep memories alive. We are avid photographers are take countless number of photos during the weekends of the things we see and places we go. But after a while, it is hard to recall what happened that day or what led us to the place or the back story behind the picture.

Going through several ideas through our brainstorming session, the concept of Memory Pics was born. We aim to answer the What, Where and How questions and thus enriching the photo experience. We didn’t want to require proprietary technology which will lock you into using our tools to view the photos like in the case of a photo gallery or database.

Memory Pics stores all the additional information within the EXIF header which is used to store information about the photos by the cameras and smartphones. This may also include embedding the GPS Coordinates too. This certainly helps us quite a bit. But GPS Coordinates are mere string of numbers which on their own doesn’t mean a thing. That’s where the visualisation on the Maps comes into play.

The project started off with the Mac version as the current MacOS comes embedded with Apple Maps which makes it easy and to use it, all we needed to do was to sell our apps through the Mac App Store.

However, on the Windows platform, it got kind of sticky. There is Google Maps and Bing Maps which is available for end users to use on the Web for free but to incorporate them into our applications, there is monthly licensing fees and also the fees based on the number of queries made to their database if we are to charge for the application. Which we needed to as the other parts of the application isn’t free. We needed to keep the cost down and we did not want to bog you down on monthly subscription and our search concluded when we chanced upon OpenStreet Map. It does the job pretty well but it didn’t come with the satellite or street view. It’s however enough for what we needed. On the Windows version, there is an option to view the maps on Google Maps on your web browser if you so decide to. That way you get the best of both worlds.

Maps are not stored within the application as they are massive and are constantly changing and as such, you will require an internet connection to view the maps or to use the application. Only the portion of the map in view is being loaded so not much data is being used.

For more information, do check out Memory Pics (Windows) at . It currently retails for $12.99 and comes in both 64 Bit and 32 Bit native versions which can be downloaded from our website. This comes with a 14 Days Free Trial. Any photos embedded with the added information will continue to work beyond the trial period. We do encourage you to grab a copy of Memory Pics as we believe that it will benefit everyone.

The free Read-Only Viewers can also be downloaded here for the Windows version or on the Mac App Store for the Mac version. You can share your photos with anyone you want and have them use the free viewers to access the additional information you have included in the photo.

Memory Pics & Viewer – Bringing Perspective to Photos

Photography is in our blood and over the decades, we migrated from film based cameras to digital photography. Photos are a great way to capture our experiences, places we been and people we meet along this journey call Life.

As they say that a photo paints a thousand words and as true as it may be, it does not tell the whole story. Over the years, we wrestled with that thought but could not find a perfect way of doing that. We initially tried with the idea of making a virtual diary system which allows you to embed photos but in the end, that makes it a pretty proprietary solution.

The key questions we want to solve is the What, Where and How ? And we believe that we might have found the solution, not perfect but good enough for now. That’s where Memory Pics and Memory Pics Viewer came into being.

In the end, what’s important is the ability to be able to relived past experiences and to share them with our loved ones. That’s what we aim to achieve with Memory Pics and Memory Pics Viewer. It helps bring a new perspective to the story behind the photos.

Side Note
Currently Memory Pics is a Mac Only app but we are looking to migrate it to Windows. The biggest issue is not so much about whether we can do it, it’s how to bring it to you without breaking the bank doing it. The issues is Maps. With the Mac version, Apple is kind enough to allow the App Developers like us to integrate their MapKit API without any charge. This however is a Mac only solution and the other requirement is that it has to be distributed through their Mac App Store. Which is what we are doing.
However for the Windows side, it gets a little tricky. Microsoft has Bing Maps and there is Google Maps which are not free and is priced based on the total number of queries if we want to integrate it within an app. There is however a free Google Maps license which is available for Free Apps. We took advantage of that with the Windows version of Memory Pics Viewer for the Maps and used the Reverse Geocoding API of the Free OpenStreetMap solution.

The What question or subject matter can be partially solve with the photo itself. The Where question is where Maps come into play. Many of us probably are using Smart Phones to take the bulk of our photos and the camera would embed the GPS Coordinates in the EXIF header. Memory Pics and Memory Pics Viewer would than use that information to pinpoint the location visually on the map and also perform a reverse geocoding to translate the GPS Coordinates into an address.  The How is where the  notes come into play, this is where you can embed any information you want about the photo in there.

What set Memory Pics and Memory Pics Viewer apart from the other apps out there is that all these information is embedded within the photo itself. On a normal photo viewer, the JPEG photo will work as they have always did. However on Memory Pics and Memory Pics Viewer, you get to see all the information in a beautiful interface.

Memory Pics is an easy to use and fun tool to view, edit and embed Notes and GPS Coordinates for your photos. You can pin the map by doing so right on the map or by entering an address and have the app find the point for you. Once pinned, you can move it around to the exact spot.

Memory Pics lets you store memories about a picture within the photos itself
Memory Pics for the Mac

Memory Pics for the Mac is available right now from the Mac App Store at for $9.99 (Introductory Pricing) . The Windows Version is currently under development.


Memory Pics Viewer is a Free App available for both the Mac and Windows which lets you view the notes, map location and other information. This is a read-only version.

Memory Pics Viewer is a free mac app which lets you view GPS Coordinates and the Journal Entries which is embedded in the Photos
The Mac Version of the Memory Pics Viewer

The Mac Version of the Memory Pics Viewer can be found on the Mac App Store at and available for FREE to download.

Windows Version of the Memory Pics Viewer which lets you visualize Maps and Notes in Photos
The Windows Version of the Memory Pics Viewer

The Windows Version of the Memory Pics Viewer can be download right at our website at and also available for FREE to download and distribute.

We hope that you enjoy using Memory Pics and Memory Pics Viewer. Do spread the word around.

Batch It Ultra v5.41 now supports Changing File Names of all kinds of files

Part of the integral feature of Batch It Ultra is the comprehensive filename changing support which has traditionally been used exclusively with image and photo filenames. Now in v5.41, we extended this support to all types of files. It is basically useful when you have both photos and video files in the same batch or using it to renaming a batch of documents files.

Batch It Ultra comes with a 14 Days Trial version which can be downloaded as both native 32 and 64 bit application from our website at

For more information, check out our detail page at