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Changing File Date on Windows and Mac

Setting the wrong file date can get messy. There are times particularly for photos when we have to replace batteries on our digital cameras and having the camera reset the date and time to some default time in the past. Digital cameras typically do not come with a real time clock built into it and would hold charge enough between battery changes but if you do take the batteries out to charge overnight or to have them taken out because you would not use the camera for several weeks, you will find that the file date get reseted. So each time that happens, we will have to manually set the date and time all over again. That works fine for the most parts but I am not sure about you but I’ve face many times when I set the PM to AM or especially doing the start of the year, to have set the year on the camera to the year that has just past.

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JBatch It v6.40 Released

We are pleased to announce the immediate release of JBatch It v6.40. In this update, we replaced the toolbar with a smaller toolbar so you have more space to work. At the same time, the text font size which revert to 24 pixels has been fixed.

Batch It Pro v5.62 Released

We are pleased to announce the immediate release of Batch It Pro v5.62.

In this update, the bug which causes the second resizing by percentage to follow the first has been fixed. At the same time, the checkboxes not saving the state has also been fixed.

ComboTIFF Pro v2.26 and ComboTIFF for Windows v2.26 Released

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of ComboTIFF Pro v2.26 and ComboTIFF for Windows v2.26. In this update, we did away with the double-click to preview an image or document, now you can do so with a single click and at the same time preview other images or documents in this list using the arrow up or down keys.

Batch It Pro v5.61 Released

We are pleased to announce the immediate release of Batch It Pro v5.61.

In this update, we fixed a bug which does not load the checkbox and dropdown menu registry entries and at the same time, we improved the speed in loading JPEG Image preview.

iRedSoft Image Resizer v5.30 Released

We are pleased to announce the immediate release of iRedSoft Image Resizer v5.30.

In this update, we recompiled and upgraded to a new framework. At the same time, the Settings Profile Templates and Registry loading and saving routines have been completely reworked. There is also a fix to a bug which causes the setting entry which is currently edited not to be saved when saving the Settings Profile.


Batch TIFF Resizer v3.37 Released

We are pleased to announce the immediate release of Batch TIFF Resizer v3.37. This update brings new enhancements to the TIFF Export Module.

We included the option for Mixed Mode TIFF Compression. This option is useful for multipage TIFF which may contain some Grayscale/Black and White pages such as scanned documents and Color pages such as photos. In the past, you can set the TIFF Compression for the entire TIFF file which would apply to all pages. In Mixed Mode, you can define the TIFF Compression and Color Depth for the Color and Grayscale/Black and White pages. This can result in smaller file size which also reflects the correct colors for each page.

At the same time, we included the TIFF Zip Compression levels option so if you are using the new ZIP Compression, you can determine if you want to use the fastest but larger file size or the slower but smaller file size.

Batch JPEG Date Changer v1.04 Released

We are pleased to announce the immediate release of Batch JPEG Date Changer v1.04.

In this update, we included the option to change date via the “Incremental Date Changer Settings”. This effectively let you set a start date and time and have all subsequent photos files’ date and time increment via a fixed interval either by seconds or minutes. You have the option set vary the interval.

Memory Pictures Creator v1.02 Released

Memory Pictures is now Memory Pictures Creator.

In this update, both the imaging and map engine have been updated. France 1 server option has been removed as it is no longer functional. At the same time, we increase the width of the thumbnail photos. There are a couple of minor internal tweaks.

Batch It Ultra v5.40 Released

We are pleased to announce the immediate release of Batch It Ultra v5.40. This update contains a much improved and faster imaging engine. It was an accumulation of work done over the last year and would be the base for future new features which would be introduced in the coming months.

Batch It Ultra is a comprehensive Batch Image Processor which would help you convert between commonly used image formats, resize them, add captions, watermark, perform image enhancements, generate contact sheets and more.

Batch It Ultra comes in 3 variant which includes

  • GUI Edition which is commonly used in the Windows environment with you at the helm.
  • Command Line Edition which comes with support to run the application as part of the process of another application such as the Windows Scheduler, another application and so on
  • Server Edition which runs as command line and can be paired with a Web Server or Application Server as a back-end to provide imaging support

Batch It Ultra is our flagship application which offers up to 3 resizing, text caption and watermark support in one go, saving you time.

Batch It Ultra comes in both native 32 Bit and 64 Bit version and the 14 Days Trial versions can be downloaded from our website at . Apart from the nag screen and 14 days trial period, the trial versions are full featured.