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Batch It Ultra v6.05 Released

We made the following changes

  • Updated the Imaging Engine
  • Faster Loading of Photos
  • Fixed Before Preview reporting the wrong dimensions for RAW images
  • Fixed the entire File List being deleted when the last file on the list is deleted
  • Fixed Images over-exposed under 32 Bit version

Batch It Ultra v6.04 Released

We made the following changes

  • Change the way “Enable Change Preview” works. Now when the option is unchecked, the File Listing Thumbnails are also suppressed.
  • Change the way “Show Processed Images After Processing”. Now when this option is unchecked, the “Before Preview” would no longer show up

Batch It Ultra v6.01 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of Batch It Ultra v6.01. It comes with the following bug fixes

  • Fixed Text Alignment on Buttons
  • Improve File Loading Speed
  • Orientation Degree showing up as a different character
  • Crash when loading non-existent file
  • Crash when the Preview is activated but not completed before the list is cleared
  • Drag and Drop not working
  • Update theme to fix an issue where the File Paths shows wrong details when loading huge list

Batch It Ultra v6.00 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of Batch It Ultra v6.00.

In this update, we updated the File Listing Grid to an updated version and perform several internal updates.

We are moving from v5.91 to v6.00 in this update. If you currently have a license for Batch It Ultra v5, the update would be seamless. All you have to do is to download the new version from our website and install it over your current copy.