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How to Rename Your Photos in a Single Step ?

Digital Photos fresh out of a digital camera, mobile phone or a scanner will inevitable come with rather cryptic filenames which is not easily apparent as to what the photos are about. We would invariably have to spend hours to rename them, at least that’s how it was done in the past. One of the core features of our batch image processors is the ability to batch rename the photos to something which is more apparent to you.

In this little tutorial, we will explore two commonly used methods of file renaming which can be done with any of our batch image processors. They are to tag a Prefix and/or a Suffix to an existing filename and to rename the filenames using a running number.

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Batch It Pro v5.33 Updated

We are pleased to announce the release of Batch It Pro v5.33. This update fixes a bug which causes the new filename to be used when the Filename Changer is enabled which causes the filename to be tagged with additional prefix and suffix when the Start button is pressed the second or third time over.

Batch It Ultra v5.22 Update

We are pleased to announce the immediate release of Batch It Ultra v5.22. This corrects how the Filename Changer works. Now when the Filename Changer option was unchecked, the filename changer will be disabled except for the Smart Replace. The Filenames in the New Filename section will be used as the new filenames which allows you to manually determine the filenames of the processed files.

JBatch It v6.01 Released

We are please to announce the immediate release of JBatch It v6.01. This update includes several cosmetic updates and a fix to the Filename Changer module which causes the Leading Zeros not to be added.

Batch It Ultra v4.05 and Batch It Pro v4.22 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of Batch It Ultra v4.05 and Batch It Pro v4.22. This update includes the support of 8 Bit Grayscale JPEG images and to achieve this, all you need to do is to set the JPEG Colorspace to Gray Level. This will ignore the Color Depth option. 

Batch it Ultra v4.05 also includes option to perform tagging of Prefix and Suffix and Smart Replace on the 2nd and 3rd Resizing Methods. It also allows you to rename based on either the Original filename or the New filename which is generated by the Filename Changer. 

For more information, please refer to our website at

Batch It Ultra v4 Launched

We are pleased to announce the immediate release of Batch It Ultra v4.00 . This is a major upgrade to our flagship Batch It Ultra v3.

Changes from Batch It Ultra v3
• Updated Imaging Engine which could handle larger image dimensions
• Supports up to 3 resize within one process
• Redesigned Interface which spots a modern interface
• Utilized a memory based database for better sorting function
• Command Line Parameter Support (for Command Line and Server Version Only)
• Added Drag and Drop Images from Windows Explorer
• Support Lossless Windows HD Photo Format
• Support Image Printing
• Support Rotation by EXIF Orientation
• Improved Drop Shadow Effect
• Added Old Photo Effect
• Added Sepia Effect
• Added Red Eye Removal Effect
• Added Auto Equalize Effect
• Added Trim Spacing from Text Option
• Added Smart Replace in Filename Changer
• Added Support for Integrating Macros in Text Caption
• Added Resizing by Frame to ensure that all images have the same dimension
• Additional Settings Options for 2nd and 3rd Resizing Processes
• Supports Retention of Color Management System ICC Profile
• Added Backup Original File to ZIP
• Dropped support for Windows 98 and 2000

There are 3 Versions of Batch It Ultra v4 being launched.

  • GUI Version (UP $69.95) – Standalone GUI Based Application
  • Command Line Version (UP $99.95) – Comes with GUI and Command Line Parameters Support
  • Server Version (UP $199.95) – Comes with GUI and Command Line Parameters Support for use with an automated server or web server support

All Existing Customers of Batch It Ultra 3 would be entitled to a special upgrade pricing. As promised, all Batch It Ultra 3 customers who purchased Batch It Ultra 3 between September 1st 2011 and March 22nd 2012 would be entitled to a free upgrade. We would be sending an email announcement before the end of March 2012.