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Batch JPEG Date Changer v1.12 Released

We are pleased to announce the immediate release of Batch JPEG Date Changer v1.12. This update fixes a bug which causes the Filename in the “This Photo Properties” to be resized. We reduced the text size for the filename properties so that long file name can be shown.

Getting Dynamic Text Captions with Macros

The first time I’ve heard of macros was when I first used Microsoft Excel. Macros are defined as tiny snippets of programming codes to customize and enhanced the results on a spreadsheet or to perform repetitive tasks. In our applications, even though they do a lot of complicating codes at the background to get the result, it does work in a different manner. Here we used them much as a preset programming function calls. If you are familiar with programming, a function is a set of procedures to get a result. In the context of Text Captions, macros plays in an important role in making your text captions dynamic in a way.

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Replacing Text within Filenames using Filename Changer

This is the second part to the Filename Changer Tutorial. Today we will dive deeper into the Smart Replace feature within Filename Changer. This feature is available with JBatch It, Batch It, Batch It Pro and Batch It Ultra.

What Smart Replace does is to allow you to replace specific text within your filename with another. Let’s consider this example, I have a named “combotiffcontrolcenter.png” and wanted to rename it to “batchitcontrolcenter.png”, I can utilize the Smart Replace feature to do it.

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How to Rename Your Photos in a Single Step ?

Digital Photos fresh out of a digital camera, mobile phone or a scanner will inevitable come with rather cryptic filenames which is not easily apparent as to what the photos are about. We would invariably have to spend hours to rename them, at least that’s how it was done in the past. One of the core features of our batch image processors is the ability to batch rename the photos to something which is more apparent to you.

In this little tutorial, we will explore two commonly used methods of file renaming which can be done with any of our batch image processors. They are to tag a Prefix and/or a Suffix to an existing filename and to rename the filenames using a running number.

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