Maintaining Multiple Configurations for Multiple Usages

Most of our applications offers you with a wide variety of setting options to cater to different needs. If you need to apply the same settings day in and day out, it would work fine as it is. However, when you need to deal with multiple clients which has different needs and preferences or even performing different task, it can be cumbersome to have to make all these changes over and over again.

This issue of allowing you as a user to use multiple configurations and having to switch between them with ease was one of the fundamental strength of our batch imaging, tiff and pdf solutions for the Windows platform. To solve this issue, we implemented the concept of Settings Profile early in our product life cycle.


The Settings Profile initially exist as text based INI file which basically contains all the settings used in the application apart from the file listing. It has since evolved to an XML based format which is able to handle more complex settings options.

The idea is simple. When you made the necessary configuration for a client or a particular use, you can use the “Save Settings Profile” option to save that settings in a text readable file. You determine the file name and where to save the file. When you need to reuse that setting, just use the “Load Settings Profile” option, pick the previously saved settings profile file and the configuration will be updated and ready for use.


Since the Settings Profile file is not tied in to your computer, it can be distributed to your colleagues who may need to use the same settings. As you can name the file as you want, you can make name different settings with different file names for different usage. It’s that simple. The underlining program will make the necessary settings changes.

At times when you require technical support either because of a bug you may have encountered or require our assistance in making the optimal settings, we will normally require you to send us the Settings Profile file so we can recreate the settings on our end.

One caveat is that the Settings Profile file is tied to that particular application and that major version. In the case of major version upgrades, the applications would have been totally rewritten from ground up and as such, the settings options would need to be changed. We are looking at ways to minimize the inconvenience caused.

In short, the Settings Profile file is a set once and forget option which will simplify using our applications under multiple circumstances.

The Settings Profile file option is found in

  1. Batch It Ultra
  2. Batch It Pro
  3. Batch It
  4. JBatch It
  5. iRedSoft Image Resizer
  6. Batch TIFF Resizer
  7. ComboTIFF Pro


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